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Blackwing x Grovemade Is the Perfect Pairing to Class Up Your Workspace

How do you improve upon the cool factor of the only pencils that have a built-in cult following? You pair them with a custom desktop stand from a hot home-office design company. Results? The Blackwing x Grovemade Pencil Kit, a huge upgrade for your desk.

You’ve almost certainly heard of Blackwing pencils by now. You’ve probably seen them, often paired with a Moleskin journal and we gave them an enthusiastic thumbs-up not long ago. Grovemade, born roughly around the same time as Blackwing’s iconic 602 model pencil was released, has been making beautiful office accessories since 2009. Was this collaboration predestined? Possibly, and with amazing results.

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The Blackwing x Grovemade Pencil Kit: What’s In the Box

The kit comes with a dozen of Blackwing’s finest, made from Japanese incense-cedar wood and premium graphite, topped by that distinctive replaceable square erasers —though these are custom-stamped for the kit. And don’t sleep on the sharpener: Blackwing’s One-Step Long Point model is made of machined aluminum, with an ultra-fine German steel blade to bring your Blackwing pencils to a sharp yet durable point. The sharpener is easily removed for emptying, but is designed to be used in the stand.

The stand is a great example of Grovemade’s beautiful craftsmanship. It’s made of American Black Walnut with a natural cork base. The pencil slots keep your pencils secure and sharp, and the entire look is clean, modern and classy.

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Courtesy of Blackwing

The Specs

  • Stand dimensions: 5 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches
  • Stand materials: American Black Walnut, natural linoleum, natural cork
  • Pencil materials: California Incense Cedar, Japanese balanced graphite (-2B)
  • Sharpener materials: Machined aluminum, German steel blade

The Verdict

Of course you want this. If you’re like us, your pens and your dull, non-Blackwing pencils are crammed together in a cheap black-wire container or a plastic fake-coconut drink holder you pinched from a tiki-themed formal 10 years ago. Is the $120 price tag giving you pause? Don’t let it: A dozen Blackwing pencils go for $30 and the sharpener goes for over $20. Plus the Grovemade stand, which is part utilitarian, part art and all quality. Whether you’re working from home or back to the office, the Blackwing x Grovemade Pencil Kit will class up your desk in a huge way, and you’ll keep it forever. It’s not a splurge; it’s a keepsake.

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Courtesy of Grovemade

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