Meet Blazy Susan – The Retro-Awesome Brand Stoners Are Falling in Love With

blazy susan rolling tray
Image courtesy of Blazy Susan

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Now that cannabis is gaining traction in various marketplaces worldwide, tons of products based on fads and gimmicks are coming out, making it hard to discern the innovations that are actually useful. Blazy Susan fills a niche in the market that cannabis consumers have lacked for ages — a means to properly organize their paraphernalia, with a focus on functional and chic design. You won’t find any Grateful Dead allusions or tacky tie-dye with Blazy Susan. Instead, the brand’s signature aesthetic has a fun and laid-back vibe we’re calling retro-awesome.

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Blazy Susan got started in Denver, Colorado, one of the states that pioneered the legalization of recreational marijuana. Founder and CEO Will Breakell got the idea for his products when he had an epiphany after looking at his cluttered coffee table.

While the brand is best known for its pink rolling papers and dab trays, the company also has an entire line of multifunctional tools that can streamline any stoner’s routine. According to a recent interview with Denver publication Westword, the company has worked with celebrities such as Bella Thorne and Jimmy Kimmel. The key to their success? Listening to a loyal fan base (the “Blazy Gang”) and tweaking ideas based on that.

Blazy Susan isn’t just a cosmopolitan cannabis company; they also give back to the community. The brand regularly donates proceeds to breast cancer research and host fundraisers for this and other local causes.

The Blazy Susan vibe is quirky, playful, and a little obscure, which is exactly what we need in 2021. It’s a reminder to lighten up while lighting up — in a more streamlined and organized process, of course.

blazy susan dab tray Courtesy of Etsy

A dream come true for the messy stoner, one of Blazy Susan’s bestselling products add a sense of cleanliness and calm to what is sometimes a chaotic process. Every weed smoker has experienced the remnants of ground-up weed, stems, and occasional ash stains around the house. Most of us have a bowl or tray for cannabis storage, but products can get jumbled easily and be hard to clean. If only everything had a specific home. Enter the rolling-tray-meets-Lazy-Susan, a one-stop stash box with all sorts of compartments and thoughtful additions.

Blazy Susan wants to turn its line into a stoner household name, and we think the company might pull it off. Other popular products by Blazy Susan’s include their famous pink papers, cones and other smoking accessories, many of which can be customized at the point of purchase. Here are our favorite picks from the Blazy Susan store. Some of the company’s products can also be purchased on Etsy.


Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray

This iconic tray can hold all your flower, along with the accessories that come with it. Just swivel to the compartment you need. There are torches for oils, a home for your grinder, a silicone dab station, and of course, an ashtray to minimize that odor and furniture damage. It adds a sense of home decor, especially since you can customize the silicone pieces’ color. There’s a blank version if you prefer a minimalist feel, but also a pink version, of course.

Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray Image courtesy of Blazy Susan


Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers and Pre-Rolled Cones Sampler

Get the best of both worlds with this pink cone and rolling paper sampler. The cones are ideal for when you’re feeling lazy, and the papers come in both regular size and king size. These elegant and high-quality papers are dyed with vegan pigments from beets for a faint pink color. Out of 50 reviews on this product, 96% are five stars, with fans praising the slow-burning nature of these “gorgeous pink papers that don’t burn faster than what’s rolled inside of them.”

Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers and Pre-Rolled Cones Sampler Image courtesy of Blazy Susan


Blazy Susan Silicone Ashtray and Bowl Cleaner

Looking for a lightweight ashtray that’s easy to clean? This dishwasher-friendly ashtray has a built-in bowl cleaner and a distinct aesthetic (available in six colors) that’s sure to attract admirers. One reviewer says that its dual function as a de-bowler is “a stoner’s dream” while another says this device completely cleaned out her constantly clogged bowl. Goodbye, toothpicks and pipe cleaners! The stylish notches on the upper edge even allow you to rest an unfinished joint on the side.

Blazy Susan Silicone Ashtray and Bowl Cleaner Image courtesy of Blazy Susan


Blazy Susan 4-Piece Aluminum Grinder

This well-engineered aluminum grinder consists of four pieces and three chambers, which is the classic model of premium grinders in the industry. According to purchasers, the grinder’s size is “not too small or too big”, and the grind is as smooth as butter, gathering tons of kief in a short amount of time. When you want to access some of that potent powder, use their miniature spatula, included to scrape with ease. Pink just not your color? It also comes in blue and green.

Blazy Susan 4-Piece Aluminum Grinder Image courtesy of Blazy Susan