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These Blue Light Blocking Glasses Are Only $6 For Two Pairs, And Will Protect Eyes From Computer Screen Glare

The best blue light blocking glasses are the ones that can help the user continue to work and play as they normally do, but without worrying about their eyes slowly getting damaged over time. At the moment, people can buy these blue light blocking glasses for just $5.97, which is an 80% reduction from the normal price. Plus, they come as a set of two, not just one, so the value is even higher.

These glasses have lenses with UV400 protection, which basically means they’ll block 100% of the blue light spectrum, which will help protect the user’s eyes when sat at a computer for a long time, or even when checking a smart phone. They’re incredibly comfortable too, and durable to boot, which is always an excellent thing. Plus. they look good.

They’re also designed to not distort the colors on the screen itself, which is great news for those who want the colors to pop. Whether that’s because the computer is being used for artwork, or if these are being used as some of the best gaming glasses, where color discrepancy could mean the difference between a win and a loss in some games. They do come in a range of different colors, but this combination is the cheapest.

$5.97 $29.99 80% off

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These glasses actually come as a set of two, meaning they’re only $3 each. They have UV400 protection, which can block a huge amount of the blue light that’s projected by an average computer monitor, they are made of light but sturdy materials for long-lasting use and comfort, and they look good too. They’re not prescription though, so keep that in mind.