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Review Update: After 6 Months of Wear – Have My Bombas Held Up?

Editor’s Note: It’s been six months since we first reviewed Bombas and we recently updated this piece with our latest thoughts. Spoiler alert: they definitely hold up, and are basically exactly the same quality and fit as when we first slipped them on. You can find our original review here, and keep scrolling to hear our thoughts two months and six months into wearing them. 

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the rationale behind saving money on a wardrobe basic. You don’t NEED to spend a lot of money on men’s t-shirts, underwear or socks. You can get along perfectly fine with the basic cotton stuff and live out your days in peace. But, if you’re one of these people, I’m telling you: there’s a whole other possible version of you out there. That’s right. A version with blister-free feet, comfortable armpits cradled in a soft undershirt and a comfortable rear end that’s not constantly stuck in a wedgie.

I was a cotton devotee just a few short months ago and then I purchased my first pair of Bombas. It’s been more than a few wash cycles and many wears, and I can tell you I’m not looking back. Keep reading to hear why.

Sure, you can save money in this department by opting for the bulk pack at your local Walmart, Target or Costco. But I’m here today to argue on behalf of the pricier basic. It might cost you a bit more in the short term, but it’ll still be there for you long after those inexpensive competitors have developed holes and been converted into rags for chore duty.

Bombas is the brand that recently converted me into the “invest in your basics” camp. What can I say, they make kickass socks, and I’ll never buy a 10-for-$10 pack again if I can help it. Here’s my honest Bombas socks review after one month, two months and six months of wearing them. They’ve held up impressively well, and I can confidently say I’m planning to invest in many more pairs in the future. 

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By the end of this review, hopefully, you’ll have joined my camp as well.

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Courtesy of Bombas


One Month Bombas Socks Review: I Was Skeptical of These $14 Socks at First

Don’t get me wrong, when my boyfriend had a mini intervention with me about my ratty old cotton socks with holes in the toes a few months ago, and advocated for Bombas instead, I was hesitant. $12.00 for socks?! As in, one pair?!? And they only get more expensive from there? No way.

But… then he got me a pack of women’s performance ankle socks from Bombas for my birthday, and I pretty much did a 180 right after putting on my first pair.

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Courtesy of Bombas

Here’s the criteria I used to assess Bombas for this review:

  • Overall Fit
  • Comfort and Materials
  • Performance
  • Price

If you’re a skimmer and don’t want to read a lengthy article advocating for splurge-worthy socks, I get it. Essentially, I urge you to try a pair, and if they make no difference in your daily life you can go back to your bargain basic ways. But I’m telling you, after testing them out and wearing them for a few months, I’m convinced most of you will deem these $14 socks worth every penny. 

My original review was published in early February, and now that we’re more than halfway through March I decided to update my review with further thoughts. You can find those towards the end of this piece, after my thoughts on each review criteria that I still stand by.


Overall Fit

Bombas separates their sock sizes into shoe range sizes. I’m in the women’s medium pack, with a shoe range of 8-10.5, and every pair fits like a glove. They don’t just fit well when you put them on, these babies STAY IN PLACE. I’m a daily cyclist and am happy to share I’ve been blister-free ever since I switched.

They hug your feet nicely, without being too tight in any one area. The little ankle tab up top makes them easy to pull on and off, and the high-quality cotton around the ankle feels like a blister guard against even the most stylish and cramped shoes out there.

They’re thicker than other socks, and yet my feet don’t sweat in them. I think they know they’re chilling inside an elite sock, and know better than to perspire all over it. Well done, feet. Well done.


Comfort and Materials

Bombas socks are marketed as some of the most comfortable ones in the game, and after my Bombas socks review, I can assure you they deliver on that promise. Their socks are made with extra-long-staple cotton and come with ergonomic features like a cushioned footbed, a honeycomb arch support system and a blister tab at the ankle for preventing dreaded hot spots. Bombas definitely feel like they’re designed to not give you blisters because they don’t move around while on your feet and don’t produce any friction.

Bombas performance socks contain Hex Tec technology that’s breathable and moisture-wicking, for added airflow and comfort while you’re working out. These socks definitely feel tighter and heavier than regular socks, so they can get warm during the day, but the extra material seems to hold everything in place, making them excellent for workouts and activities of all kinds.


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Courtesy of @Bombas


The main reason my boyfriend pushed me to invest in better socks was because of my workout schedule. I work out six days a week, and within that regimen, I’m performing many different moves from cycling to weightlifting, barre, pilates, yoga and more. My cotton socks just weren’t cutting it anymore. They would slide down into my cleat while biking and cause a blister, or get super sweaty and uncomfortable.

With Bombas, I have yet to have any of those issues. They are thicker and warmer and feel more constricting, but I’ve come to appreciate the support while working out. Unlike their more basic socks, Bombas performance socks are made with Seamless Toe technology for front-of-foot support, have strategic zone cushioning for the arch, toes, ankle, etc, and a Y-stitched heel for a tailored fit that won’t move. Sure, there are other running sock brands you can invest in, but if you’re into bright colors and ordering it all from one brand: Bombas is the way to go.

Update: After working out in Bombas for over a month, I’m just as happy with them now as I was in the beginning. I’m pretty sure they’ve helped me improve my cycling and weightlifting PRs, and at this point, it would feel wrong to workout in anything else.



We’re back to the crux of my argument, and the biggest lesson I learned during my Bombas socks review. It’s worth spending extra money on basics that are going to perform and cost you fewer blisters, hot spots and pain in the long run. They’re also going to serve as excellent everyday socks that won’t bunch, rip holes, slide down into your bootleg or slip off mid-hike.

They were expensive, but they will last. After six weeks of wearing the same 5 pairs every week, I’m confident you’ll find them worth the investment, and you might even save money in the long run through having to buy socks less often.

I love Bombas, and you should too. Here are a few of my favorite products worth checking out.

Note: I haven’t tried their underwear or t-shirt line, but I’ve wandered around in a pair of their slippers and they’re awesome.


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Taylor Galla | SPY

Two Months Bombas Socks Review: Still Holding Up Well

I’ve been wearing almost exclusively Bombas socks for the past two months, and I’m very impressed. All of the pairs I own are still very comfortable, high-performing and easy to slip on and off. I get bummed if all my Bombas socks are dirty and I have to wear the cotton pairs that used to be my norm, that’s how converted I am.


The quality has not diminished in the two months I’ve been wearing them. They feel just as comfortable, secure and performance-oriented as the first day I tried them on. I will say that the bottoms feel stiffer than when I first unpacked them. This could be due to dirt build-up that isn’t quite getting washed out due to the close-knit of the fabric, or a build-up from wearing them while working out multiple days in a row. However, it’s barely noticeable, and definitely not a reason to not invest.

Washing & Drying

Speaking of washing and drying, the Bombas definitely hold up in the washer and dryer. I’ve put them through my regular and delicates wash cycles, and cotton and delicates dry cycles, and they’ve withstood both very well. They haven’t lost their shape or soft texture, there’s zero fraying or shrinkage, and every time I put them on they feel exactly the same as they did when I first unpacked them.

Color and Texture

Bombas socks aren’t just great from a comfort and performance perspective, they also come in excellent colors and patterns. I’m happy to share that the vivid colors of some of my pairs have stood the test of time, washing, drying and wearing, and haven’t faded. We’ll see what they look like a year from now, but I care less about color than I do about texture a year out with a pair of socks. For now, I’m impressed, and it’s all the more reason to invest in another pair or two.


Men’s Multi-Color Stitch Cuff Ankle

The multi-color stitching along the ankle adds extra flair to these high-performing cuff ankle socks. They’ve got the blister prevention tab, a cushioned footbed and all the comfort you’re looking for in an everyday sock. These aren’t a part of their performance line, but they’re plenty comfortable for daily activities and an active lifestyle.

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Courtesy of Bombas


Men’s Performance Running Ankle Sock 3-Pack

These are the socks you want if you’re a daily at the gym, run long distances or are sick of blisters covering your feet after every hike. Skip the bandages, and invest in these socks made with Hex Tec breathability and moisture-wicking technology instead. They’re designed to help you move, and they do just that, for a few more dollars per foot.

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Courtesy of Bombas


Men’s Merino Wool Ski & Snowboard Sock 3-Pack

Socks are critical to a successful, and comfortable, day on the slopes. These pro-level socks from Bombas are made with high-grade merino wool for temperature and moisture control and are equally perfect for the mountain and the lodge. They’re made with Stay Up technology to prevent slippage, wrinkling and discomfort, and they’ve got ventilation built-in for optimal airflow.

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Courtesy of Bombas


Men’s Pima Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt 3-Pack

Bombas’ high-quality basics include much more than socks. Their Pima Cotton t-shirts are made to be cool and soft, kind of like the underside of your pillow, and the material is designed to not pill throughout the day. The shirt has extra weight and heft to it, for comfort and durability, and the extended sizes mean everyone can find something that fits well.

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Courtesy of Bombas


Men’s Cotton Modal Boxer Brief 3-Pack

This is no regular hybrid underwear, this Bombas 3-pack contains a blended material mix of cotton and modal, as well as spandex, for a luxe, lightweight feel that stays fresh. The comfort waistband is designed to not roll or dig throughout the day, and they removed all tags and unnecessary stitching for an effortless supportive fit on each body. They also have a diagonal fly for convenient access.

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Courtesy of Bombas


Men’s Gripper Slipper

Bombas has taken a standard house slipper design and given you grippy bottoms, so there’s minimal sliding and maximum comfort. They’re half slipper, half sock, with a cozy fit that hangs tight to the feet with a brushed lining that’s soft and warming. The grippy soles come in a bunch of color combinations and they come with a travel bag, and fold flat, for easy packing.

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Courtesy of Bombas


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Taylor Galla | SPY

Six Months Bombas Review: Impressively Consistent

After six months of wearing Bombas socks multiple times a week and washing my 7-8 pairs tens of times I can confidently say I’m never not going to own Bombas. The six month mark is a crucial milestone for a products, especially apparel and basics. If an item lasts through six months of washing, chances are it’s made to last for years, and I’m almost certain that’s true of Bombas.

I’ve worn these socks lounging around the house, traveling, working out and even on a freezing cold bike race where I got soaked head to toe, and they have yet to fail me. Even if they decide to become riddled with holes and lose their structure tomorrow, lasting this well for six months justifies their cost in my mind. But my guess is I’ll be updating this piece for years to come, here’s my six-month Bombas sock review.


The sock quality is still top notch. They grip your feet and hold their place way better than cheaper socks that come in packs of 10 or 20, and their elasticity is still the same caliber as when I first purchased them. The ankle tabs are still sturdy and protective against blisters at the back and front of your shoe and the toe padding is soft and supportive.

The socks themselves have very little pilling and a few loose strings here and there, but nothing that impedes their performance. I will say the socks aren’t as soft as they were when I first got them and have stiffened a bit. This doesn’t make them uncomfortable or unwearable by any means, but is notable nonetheless.

Color & Texture 

As evidenced by the pictures above, the colors are still quite bright and vivid for 6-month-old socks. The neon detailing in my darker pair is still noticeably bright, and the paler colors have faded minimally. There’s slight discoloration on the soles of the socks, especially ones that I’ve worn hiking or in dustier conditions, but it’s an amount I feel is acceptable for socks six months in.

Washing and Drying 

Bombas socks wash and dry very well, I have no complaints here. I think the dryer has shrunk my pairs ever so slightly, making them a bit stiffer than they were when I first got then, but I’m still able to wear them well and it’s not a hindrance to their usability whatsoever. Because they’re so gripping to your feet they can get bunched up more easily than other socks and get washed rolled up as opposed to fully stretched out. This can make it harder for them to thoroughly wash and dry, but all it takes is an extra step of unfurling them to prevent this issue.

Six Month Verdict: Should You Buy Bombas Socks?

Yes, you should. They help avoid blisters all over my feet better than any other socks I own, come in vivid colors that last through many washes and haven’t lost any elasticity after many trips through the dryer. If you don’t mind spending a bit of extra dough up front, it’s my opinion they’ll last you longer than cheaper socks, keep your feet more comfortable and save you money in the long term.