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Feel the Breeze With These Multipacks of Comfortable Boxers

Boxers vs. briefs vs. boxer briefs is an age-old question (or at least as old as the 1990s, when boxer briefs were popularized). But we’re here to argue that there doesn’t need to be discord with your drawers; these styles can all live together in harmony. While the boxer brief is truly the Goldilocks style that does it all, you should still save room for the humble boxer. Why? It all comes down to comfort. While boxer briefs fit more comfortably under slim-fit pants, boxers are by far the most comfortable option for sleeping in. If it’s too warm for pajama pants but you don’t want to sleep in the buff, boxers are there to provide just enough coverage.

Of course, boxers don’t have to be relegated to the bedroom. With looser fit pants taking off as a trend, boxers can be the perfect companion. The key is finding the right pair. A looser pair of woven boxers is ideal for wearing in bed or for lounging around the house. But there are more contemporary boxer styles with short inseams that fit close to the body, allowing for the form-fitting benefits of a boxer brief without the clingy thigh-hugging feeling. In short, the best boxers won’t feel like billowy umbrellas underneath your pants.

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There’s another reason it’s worth considering keeping boxers in the rotation, and it has to do with health and hygiene. A lot of points in the boxers vs. briefs debate are theoretical and abstract: the conversation often centers on questions of comfort and appearance — all fundamentally subjective things. But, to bring an empirical eye to the debate, there’s a documented scientific benefit to wearing boxers, and it has to do with temperature.

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The form-fitting nature of briefs (and boxer briefs) is among their great appeals. They provide support and don’t bunch or ride up under jeans, which have gotten slimmer over the years. But the form-fitting structure is also a problem with boxer briefs and briefs. The breathability of boxers not only makes them comfortable but may help with sexual health. The biological function of external reproductive organs is to keep them cooler than other parts of the body. Tight-fitting underwear may interfere with this. That’s why boxers can be a great option, especially in warmer weather.

What To Consider Before Buying Boxers

One thing to consider is the construction of boxers. Pretty much all boxer briefs and briefs are knit, but boxers come in both knit and woven materials. If you’re unfamiliar with the difference between a knit and a woven, you can think about it in terms of men’s shirts. Wovens are like a traditional dress shirt or bed sheets and have a smooth, slick hand feel. Knits, on the other hand, are similar to a t-shirt. They’re soft and tend to have a little more stretch. Knit boxers will typically have a solid, structured elastic band, while woven boxers generally have a sort of pleated design with a hidden internal elastic band. The woven waistband chafes less but tends to be less secure than the tightly knitted waistband.

Other factors to look at include the length and type of fly. Most boxers include a single button on the fly, and there are many options that have a hidden button for even more security. Length and fit are also crucial factors; some may prefer a looser, billowy pair of boxers, especially for sleeping. But if you’re wearing them under trousers, you can get shorter, more form-fitting boxers. Plus, boxers can be made from different materials. Cotton is the most common, but you can also invest in options like modal, which is known for being soft and moisture-wicking.


1. Bombas Men’s Cotton Modal Boxer


Bombas reinvented the boxer. Not radically, but enough that these boxers rectify a lot of what was wrong with traditional boxers. Instead of all-cotton, they’re made from a cotton-modal blend that is soft and breathable. The hems have a curved design to sit more comfortably under pants, and the stitching is smartly placed to avoid uncomfortable chafing.

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2. Calvin Klein Knit Boxers


Calvin Klein’s underwear may have initially sold well due to provocative advertising, but they continue to sell because they’re some of the best on the market. This three-pack is available in either all black, all white, assorted shades of blue, or a black/white/gray mix. They have a button closure at the fly and a printed Calvin Klein logo along the waistband.

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3. Uniqlo Woven Striped Boxers


Uniqlo consistently delivers when it comes to the basics, and these striped boxers are as classic as they come. They’re longer and more billowy in fit, so they’re best for lounging, rather than wearing under slim-fitting pants. They have a split-hem for ease of movement and a hidden-button fly for security and privacy.

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4. Hanes Men’s Exposed Waistband Knit Boxer


Hanes has been making reliable basics for a long time, and this five-pack is reasonably-priced and has traditional details like a single-button fly and an elastic waistband. The name “Hanes” is printed in white around the elastic band. There’s no tag on the waistband, which prevents itching.

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5. Jambys Boxers


They’re not boxers, they’re Jambys. And what makes them different? Pockets. Yes, these boxers have pockets. Partway between underwear and shorts, these are the ideal thing for sleeping or lounging on the couch. They’re not ideal for wearing under pants, but that’s not the point. In fact, Jambys calls their products “inactivewear.” They come in a ton of colors and are made from modal and spandex, and they have a discrete fly that stops you from showing off too much.

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6. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Boxer Multipack


If you prefer your underwear without an obvious logo running around the waistband, this option from Fruit of the Loom has its logo on a small, discreet tag on the front of the waistband. They come in a pack of five boxers of assorted colors. They’re soft and made from 100% cotton.

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7. Mack Weldon Woven Striped Boxers


Boxers might be the least performance-friendly underwear style, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a little bit of performance-friendly technology. Mack Weldon wove these boxers primarily out of cotton, but they added COOLMAX polyester for breathability and temperature regulation. They have a smooth waistband for comfort, and they come in plenty of stylish colors.

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8. Gildan Men’s Woven Boxer Underwear Multipack


If you prefer breathable woven boxers to knit ones, then consider this option from affordable mainstay Gildan. They come in a pack of five, and they include a variety of prints in different shades of blue. The boxers are made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester, giving them the benefits of breathable cotton with the advantage of moisture-wicking polyester.

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9. MeUndies Boxer


MeUndies is a brand that makes the case that perhaps underwear shouldn’t be an afterthought. Yes, they’re pretty expensive per pop. But they’re made from exceptionally soft and comfortable modal, a semi-synthetic fabric that’s made from beechwood trees. These cozy boxers come in a range of solid, tasteful colors, or you can get eye-catching prints.

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Courtesy of MeUndies

10. Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit w/Wicking 3-Pack Knit Boxers


Ralph Lauren is one of the most iconic American brands of all time, and the brand’s solid line of basics is a great one to turn to when you need to refresh your t-shirt or underwear drawers. This set of boxers is available in plenty of different colors, like this solid set in three shades of blue. The boxers are made from soft cotton in a knit construction, and they have a repeating logo on the waistband.

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