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Braided Leather Bracelets Are a Timeless, Casual Accessory

Silver and gold aren’t for everyone. And if you’re not a metal man, you might shy away from accessorizing altogether. However, not all hope is lost. Braided leather bracelets are an effortlessly cool accessory that will match any outfit.

Braided leather bracelets for men wrap around the wrist and fasten with a snap or magnetic clasp. These clasps may have a silver or gold finish. Some bracelets include one thick braid, while others feature multiple layers. And since these bracelets are made of leather, you’ll typically find them in black and various shades of brown.

When purchasing a leather bracelet, it’s important to note that these accessories typically aren’t adjustable. So, you’ll want to pay attention to the specific measurements when buying this product as a gift. Be sure to note whether the product comes with a gift box as well.

Whether you’re adding to your personal jewelry collection or buying a bracelet as a gift, here are some braided leather bracelets men will love.

1. Geoffrey Beene Men’s Braided Leather Bracelet

This elegant bracelet is made of black genuine leather. The stainless steel magnetic closure is easy to open and close, but the bracelet stays in place during wear. This clasp is available in black, gold, rose gold and silver. Your purchase will come in a branded gift box, which doubles as a storage box for the bracelet. The bracelet measures eight inches in length and 0.3 inches in width. Keep in mind that this product is not adjustable.

Pros: The leather is braided tightly, so the bracelet won’t come undone. The packaging is perfect for gifting.

Cons: The size won’t fit every wrist, and it’s not adjustable. The clasp might come loose with wear.

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2. Murtoo Men’s Leather Bracelet

With 15 sizes available, this bracelet is ideal for any wrist. Each layer is made of genuine leather, and the product holds its shape. The leather has a slight shine, but it isn’t too glossy. The stainless steel clasp stays in place with a magnet, and the bracelet is easy to put on. Your order will come with an additional clasp, which can add another half-inch to the bracelet.

Pros: This bracelet comes in a branded gift box. The leather is durable.

Cons: The magnetic clasp may occasionally come undone. You might notice a strong leather smell.

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3. CCBFY Genuine Leather Bracelet

This genuine leather bracelet is nine inches in length and 0.8 inches wide. You can adjust the length with three snaps. When fastened with the last button, the bracelet is seven inches in circumfrance This bracelet is available in both neutrals and bright colors, and it’s suitable for all genders and ages. The leather will feel stiff when you receive the order, but it will soften over time.

Pros: This bracelet is adjustable, so it will fit a variety of wrist sizes. The leather sits flat against your wrist.

Cons: Certain colors cost more than others. The bracelet can take time to break in.

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4. Fossil Multi-Strand Braided Leather Bracelet

If you’re looking for a versatile leather bracelet, this product is a great option. Fossil’s multi-layer braided bracelet is made of genuine leather and a stainless steel clasp. The clasp shuts with a magnet and stays in place all day. And if the fit isn’t quite right, you can adjust the length with an extra notch.

Pros: The stainless steel details elevate the more rugged leather. This bracelet comes in fun packaging.

Cons: This product is only available in one size and color.

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5. Magna Steel Braided Leather Bracelet

Built to last, this braided bracelet is made of both stainless steel and leather. You can purchase a solid black bracelet or a version with silver metal. The internal magnetic closure is strong and easy to use. This product also comes with a gift box, so you can wrap it up as soon as the package arrives. Note that this bracelet is eight inches long and isn’t adjustable.

Pros: The leather and metal together make for a durable bracelet. This piece is comfortable to wear.

Cons: This bracelet won’t fit all wrist sizes. The black metal might chip with time.

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