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Review: Brevite Backpacks Keep Selling Out, So We Put Them To the Test

Hi, my name is Tyler and I have an addiction to backpacks. Finally, I’ve gotten that off my chest.

This might seem like a joke, but it’s a serious problem. If you were to go and take a peek inside of my closet right now, you’d see a mountain of backpacks from floor to ceiling. I have around ten at this point and no more room in my apartment to store my collection. So much so, that when Brevite told me they wanted to send me a backpack to see if I liked it, I sort of began to panic.

“Sure!”, I replied, beads of sweat trickling down my forehead as I pressed send in Microsoft Outlook. Did I need another backpack? Absolutely not. But, did I want a backpack? Yeah, I did.

More importantly, I want to make sure that you have a good backpack, so I decided to put the Brevite Jumper Camera Backpack through its paces.

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Courtesy of Brevite

The backpacks at Brevite looked cool, plus, they let me pick my preferred style. Since I didn’t have a camera bag (and I am quite the photographer if you let me brag real quick), I figured I’d settle with the Brevite Jumper backpack: an eclectic, candy-colored camera bag that sets itself apart in a market crowded with camera bags.

So, I picked my poison and waited for my collection to hit 11.

Until I had a thought. What if I was a good person for once in my life and used my backpack-related issues for good instead of evil? Because I have so many backpacks, and because I have a brother who’s simply throwing his film camera right into his backpack like an amateur, what if I recruited him to join my team in backpack review collab nobody saw coming?

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So, that’s exactly what I did.

I wasn’t sure just how well Mat (yeah, Mat with one T) would do with reviewing the backpack given that he is a man of few words — most of which are slang — but, upon receiving his new camera bag he was pretty thrilled.

Upon initial pickup, we both noticed how lightweight the backpack felt. I was pretty surprised because I had already been aware of how many amenities were hiding inside. So much so that I thought to myself, “Is this the right bag?” I only became sure when he started digging around in the numerous pockets to see what could fit inside. Brevite claims that the Jumper is “the bag that fits it all”, and boy, do they mean it.

With customizable padded dividers, the Jumper is compact yet spacious. It essentially allows for a snug space to store any kind of camera plus all accessories you might bring along. No, it’s not going to fit your strobe lights, but from extra lenses to extra battery packs, the Jumper allows you to squeeze various accessories in customizable locations to keep the bag extra useful. Mat doesn’t have many accessories as of yet, but the customization aspects will be great for separating shot and unshot film.

One thing that really impressed me? The quick-access door for last-minute shots. One issue I always have when bringing my camera places is finding it. I do have a couple of camera bags I use to bring my camera and accessories place to place, but I’m going to keep it real for a minute. When it comes to short weekend stays, I’ll kinda just throw my camera in my bag and hope for the best. When it’s time to take it out, I spend a few minutes in my backpack digging it out like I’m in the movie Holes. The Jumper rids this issue entirely by keeping an exterior zipper for your camera to slide right in, so you’ll know where it is when you need it most.

Because that obviously can’t be all, the Jumper is complete with a slot Mat can place his MacBook when editing, exterior straps that slide right onto his luggage, a hidden interior pocket where he can keep his passport if he brings the bag on a trip and has bottom straps to hold his tripod.

At this point, I knew giving it to him was a detrimental mistake. It was one of the best backpacks for photographers I’ve seen in a long time (and I review backpacks professionally).

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Courtesy of Brevite

After we geeked over it for a few minutes together, I asked if he liked it, fully hoping in my heart that he’d say no.

“It’s tight,” he replied. At that point, I knew it was officially his. And I knew I was a good brother.

All in all, it makes a stellar backpack for tons of people. For photography majors, this will easily land itself as the best backpack for college students at art school. Those who work as professional photographers will discover just how great this backpack is for work, too. It’s more or less the backpack anyone with a camera never knew they needed.

Trying to snag one of your own? Good. You should. The Brevite Jumper backpack goes for just $129 on their website and comes in ten different colors. All you have to do is sit down and weigh which matches your style the most.


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Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Brevite