The 10 Best Canvas Tote Bags for Carrying All You Need This Summer

Baggu Bag
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Casual day-to-day carryall options for men can get tricky. While most backpacks, briefcases and messenger bags are fine for the workweek, there aren’t many options for men that have the same effectiveness and accessibility as a women’s purse does on the weekends.

Sometimes all you need for a day out on the town is the ever-so-classic PKW trio (phone, keys, wallet) in which your front and back pockets have you covered. Other days you might need to carry along a phone charger, some sunscreen and your favorite headphones. Thinking about shoving all that in your pockets? Don’t even try.

This is where the best new go-to weekend carrying bag comes in handy: the classic canvas tote bag. Slipping comfortably right over your shoulder, the throw-in and throw-on design make it easy for anyone to simply get up, grab what they need, and go. Canvas tote bags are a no-fuss option for any weekend adventure close to home. From socially distanced picnics with pals to unplanned shopping excursions at your favorite local thrift shops, carry whatever it is you need stylishly and effortlessly with one of these awesome canvas tote bags you didn’t know you needed.


1. BAGGU Duck Bag


If you’re looking for the absolute epitome of the perfect canvas tote bag, look no further than anything BAGGU has to offer. All of their reusable bags are ideal for any weekend adventure in your city. Our personal favorite is their Duck Bag, which exudes that textbook canvas tote bag design in 11 different styles and colors ranging from washed black to cheetah. Their bags easily hold any last-minute grocery from your bodega run or your 15-inch MacBook for when you’re doing some freelance work in the park.

BAGGU Duck Bag Courtesy of BAGGU


2. DALIX 22″ Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas Tote Bag


This massive heavy-duty canvas tote bag is our go-to carryall for any adventure close by that involves a little more room, like larger grocery runs and full-day beach trips. From spinach and eggs to beach towels and flip flops, this bag can carry tons of weight and you’ll never have to fear it falling apart. Some Amazon reviewers even mention carrying their 25lb dogs in here on public transportation without any issue. The bag also offers an easy zip-top option, so nothing will ever slip out in transit from place to place.

DALIX 22" Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas Tote Bag Courtesy of Amazon


3. Lily Queen Natural Canvas Tote Bags


Twelve canvas tote bags essentially for the price of one? Yes, please. These totes are excellent for branding purposes, DIY projects and best of all, kids’ birthday parties. Think of it: 12 tots painting totes inside your kitchen for your little one’s 4th. Doesn’t sound stressful at all! In actuality, these really are excellent for having some family fun with the kids this summer. Whether you choose to paint, draw, tie-dye, or print on these, they’re a stellar snag for whoever gets their hands on them.

Lily Queen Natural Canvas Tote Bags Courtesy of Amazon


4. COS Cotton Tote Bag


Because most canvas tote bags are manufactured to be open sacks with no pockets, it’s rare to find one that has an inner pocket of any sort. If you’re looking for that extra oomph from your tote, look no further than COS’s Cotton Tote Bag that’s currently on sale. It comes in a sleek midnight blue coloration and features an inner zippered pocket where you can place some cash or anything that often gets lost in your bag. We’re looking at you, Chapstick.

COS Cotton Tote Bag Courtesy of COS


5. L.L.Bean Hunter’s Tote Bag


This medium to extra large-sized canvas tote bag has hundreds of raving reviews all because of two things: it’s incredibly durable and can transport just about anything you need. From wholesale shop adventures to family-packed beach days to mountain-hiked picnic spots to your pup on the terrifying ride to hell that they call the NJ Transit, this bag can really hold it all. The interior is also coated to be water-resistant so your bag will stay dry over time.

L.L.Bean Hunter's Tote Bag Courtesy of L.L.Bean


6. Fjallraven Vardag Tote Backpack


Don’t act like you don’t already know about those fun-colored Fjallraven Kånken Backpacks — you haven’t been living under a rock. But, did you know that Fjallraven also offers a tote-like, backpack-hybrid alternative that works like your favorite canvas tote bag? Though the straps don’t necessarily fit over your shoulders the way a regular canvas tote bag would, these handlebar-styled holders act as an alternative to back straps, so, feel free to tote this thing along with your favorite goodies all day. Best part of all? They’re available in three cool colors, from black, washed blue and a vibrant red.

Fjallraven Kånken Tote Backpack Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


7. Carhartt Simple Tote Bag


Designed with everyday use in mind, this unfussy canvas tote bag is as simple as can be with one added element: a snap-closure top. This is a pretty neat function given the fact that most canvas totes don’t really offer any way for closure at all, especially when also having a tiny frontal pocket like this one. Carhartt’s canvas tote bag is available in a few colors that are all rougher and tougher around the edges, like multiple camo colors and a range of browns. This is perfect for the earthy type of guy who doesn’t want to stand out of the crowd much but still likes to rock their favorite brand.

Carhartt Simple Tote Bag Courtesy of Carhartt


8. Public Goods Reusable Cotton Tote Bag


A 100% organic cotton-made canvas tote bag with two pockets able to hold most day-to-day essentials? I’ll take seven. We love Public Goods because of their affordable and accessible products that are both good for people and the planet. This tote bag was created as a plastic shopping bag substitution, but its stylishly minimalist approach leaves it as a fashion staple as well as a sustainable bag option. While the exterior pocket is great for holding your sunglasses or water bottle, the interior offers a zip-shut pocket that’s great for your wallet or any loose change.

Public Goods Reusable Cotton Tote Bag Courtesy of Public Goods


9. Budweiser Graphic Tote Bag


While tons of companies print their logos on canvas tote bags for not-so-subtle, stylish brand promotion, we can’t help but to fawn over this Budweiser Graphic Tote Bag. The Budweiser logo is a classic — even non-beer drinkers can point out what it represents, but it also exudes an almost vintage feel and aesthetic printed in light red on this canvas tote. Urban Outfitters actually has an awesome collection of graphic tote bags because we’re trying hard not to throw this Coca Cola canvas tote bag in our cart as well while we’re at it.

Budweiser Graphic Tote Bag Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


10. Herschel Supply Co. Terrace Tote


Match your favorite Hawaiin shirt with the Terrace tote from Herschel Supply Co. It’s pretty large in size when it comes to totes, so this works as an excellent beach vacay weekend bag or casual laundry lug. External storage sleeves make it easy to separate and carry various knickknacks you’re taking along and reinforced carrying handles ensure that your bag won’t break mid-walk. That not enough? We shouldn’t forget to mention the internal clip-fastened closure that keeps your goodies from falling out.

Herschel Supply Co. Terrace Tote Courtesy of Herschel Supply Co.


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