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We Regret to Inform You That Tom Brady Is Great at Designing Sunglasses Too

Celebrity collaborations for products can be a bit of a mixed bag. If you’re a big enough household name, chances are you’re going to slap your name to the side of something at some point in your career to make some bank off of it — and we don’t blame you! Well, we blame you if the product turns out to be subpar. However, when a celebrity-branded product comes along that’s worth the hype we try to fill you in, and Tom Brady’s new line of sunglasses with the Danish eyewear brand Christopher Cloos are it.*


We know, Tom Brady is hard to love if you’re a fan of the opposing team and so superhuman-ly successful it can be hard to not feel envious of him, sports fan or not. He’s got it all — seven Super Bowl wins, a beautiful family and now his own brand of men’s sunglasses to block out the haters. Suffice it to say, you should probably grab yourself a pair.

I’m being sent a sample pair as we speak, and I’ll be sure to update you with my thoughts once I actually try the lenses on my face. However, from the look of the designs I’d say we’ve found ourselves your next pair of sunglasses for summer 2021.

Tom Brady x Cloos sunglasses reviews

Tom Brady’s all about health from head to toe, and that value is present in this collection of biodegradable frames. The craftsmanship and attention to detail shine through with these frames, and they come in a variety of stylish colors and styles. The line also includes blue light glasses in the same color options as the sunglasses, if you’d like to add on a protective pair for screens as well as rays.


Cloos x Brady Ristretto Sunglasses



Cloos x Brady Grey Tonic Sunglasses

Cloos x Brady sunglasses reviews


Cloos x Brady Coal Sunglasses



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