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21 Cool Lighters That Go Way Beyond the Simple Bic

When it comes to finding cool lighters, there’s a whole world beyond Bic. While we’re by no means hating on the ever-popular disposable classic, there are more eco-friendly reusable options for smoking accessories available now than in years past. Instead, sparking one of these much more stylish lighter alternatives is compliment-worthy. Plus, their ability to last gives them an heirloom quality that a basic plastic lighter could never have.

Lighting up is far from the only use of a lighter. If you’re looking for luxury, a survival accessory, or something tiny enough to fit on your keychain, there are plenty of cool lighters for everyday carry in 2023. If you’re lighting a cigar, it might be best to use a powerful torch lighter. If you prefer to recharge your light instead of refilling it, plasma-heated products allow you to light anything without an actual flame.

Get to know the most impressive and coolest lighters you can buy online — browse below to find your perfect match.

Tsubota Pearl Hard Edge Petrol Lighter


The transparent and chrome aesthetic of this cool lighter by Tsubota Pearl has a vintage-inspired vibe that maintains a modern look. Over the years, this Tokyo-born brand has perfected minimalist, functional, and overall just really cool lighters that never go out of style. By many, they’re considered a Japanese take on the classic Zippo. This hard-edged model features a boxy look and a flip cap with a cotton wick. An heirloom-quality find that’s nothing short of sophisticated and lasts a lifetime.

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Dissim Inverted Lighter


Available via everyday carry superstore, Huckberry, the Dissim Inverted Lighter has a clever design (and $50 price tag) that keeps your fingers away from the flame when you’re trying to light a candle, or anything, for that matter. If you want a lighter that will make everyone ask, “hey, where did you get that?” this is the coolest lighter you’ll find for your kit.

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Zippo Matte Lighter


There are a lot of unique lighters on this list, from ultra-durable outdoor lighters to modern arc lighters. However, “cool” doesn’t have to mean “flashy,” and for people who need a lighter in their kit, it doesn’t get better than Zippo. Zippo’s awesome lighters come in over a dozen colors with a matte finish.

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Tsubota Pearl Colorblock Stick Lighter


A much-needed pop of color, this vibrant stick lighter comes in orange and turquoise and is anything but traditional. Made from steel and polycarbonate, it’s a durable but super slim style ideal for any smokers trying to be inconspicuous. Its construction quality is excellent, and despite its delicate silhouette, it’s still wind-resistant. While it’s not the same low price as a disposable drugstore lighter, it’s still reasonable, given the luxury aesthetic.

Akomplice Trench Lighter


This striking Akomplice Trench Lighter looks like one of those cool lighters you’d find going through your grandpa’s old stuff. With its antiqued aesthetic and unusual silhouette, this cylindrical lighter isn’t cheap, but it offers exquisite hand-crafted quality that mass-production plastic lighters can’t hold a flame to. The attention to detail makes the investment well worth it, as does the unique look that will earn compliments. It was designed to resemble the lighters used in the trenches of WWI.

Smoke Honest Stash Case and Lighter Duo


If you love cannabis or know someone who does, you’re probably using your lighter to get a spliff going. Storing joints in your pocket or bag without a case can cause them to flatten, bend, or rip. To circumvent this, opt for the Smoke Honest 2-in-1 stash case lighter, which keeps joints, hand-rolled cigarettes, or small blunts safe. Available in black and silver, this stash-case portion is waterproof and airtight, meaning it will contain your herb’s delicious smell.

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MK Lighters Alpine Explore Lighter Set


No matter how cool BIC lighters are, they don’t stand up to this Alpine Explore Lighter Set by MK Lighters, which many outdoorsy people will fall in love with.  Ditch the corner store BIC for these beauties instead, which have a windproof flame and easy-strike electric spark, not to mention designs that’ll resonate with campers, fishers, RV owners, and more. If the graphics aren’t your jam, check out their Crescent Lighter pack, which still embraces the outdoors but is a little simpler in design.  

Canna Style Zodiac Elements Watercolor Lighter


Ideal for anyone who follows the zodiac, this cool lighter from Canna Style is one of the best customizable options. Each lighter features a green or pink flame, showcasing a unique watercolor effect specific to the zodiac element. Water and earth signs get a green flame while air and fire signs get a pink flame. The brand also sells a glow-in-the-dark lighter with a mystical print for all those night sessions. 

Tsubota Pearl Aluminum Wave Lighter


Tsubota has several hard flip-top lighters on the market which have become the signature for the brand. New styles are always coming out, and one of the latest and greatest is this modern Aluminum Wave lighter. This refillable petrol lighter will never go out of fashion and almost has an heirloom quality. With its streamlined style that’s perfect for any personality, this also makes an excellent gift for a friend or family member.

Houseplant Fliptop Lighter


This is a take on the classic Tsubota Pearl flip-top lighter but with a flame-inspired print and bold two-tone colorways. Choose between blue and pink, red and orange, or light and dark green for an unexpected pop of vibrancy that’s always cool.  With a timeless, minimalist look, this piece might make you give up disposable lighters for good. 

TRUE Rechargeable Plasma Lighter


This cool lighter is incredibly effective outdoors, and it’s also water, dust, and impact-resistant with a flameless lighting function. You’ll never lose sight of this rugged offering by TRUE, featuring a highly visible blue cap that acts as a protective locking cover. It’ll get you through windy hikes, wet campsites, and any other adventure that life might throw your way.

Courtesy of TRUE

S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter


French company S.T. Dupont has been an authority in luxury lighters for years, and this slender beauty is one of their classics. Although it’s offered in a range of colors, there’s something about that black lacquer and gold combination that serves up major James Bond energy. While the cost is controversial with some buyers, it’s top-of-the-line regarding performance and style. At under $150, it’s still one of the cheaper S.T. Dupont models.

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Zippo Black Ice Lighter & Pipe Insert Set


No matter how many new brands come on the scene, Zippo still reigns as the coolest lighter of all time. So it’s no wonder we have to call them out twice. This Zippo’s worn-in and distressed vibe automatically give it a vintage aesthetic. This classic Zippo features a soft gunmetal tone dubbed “Black Ice.” This lighter will seamlessly blend in with any everyday carry gear and it also features a pipe insert so you can hold the lighter sideways without getting your hands burnt.

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Nomatiq Rechargeable Electric Dual Arc Lighters


While convenience store lighters are affordable, there’s nothing worse than running out of fuel. With a rechargeable USB connection and a simple push button to activate, fully electric arc lighters mean no more messing around with butane sticks or gas refills. This sleek flameless lighter is a convenient piece of gear — it can be recharged, help minimize your carbon footprint, and doesn’t generate any fumes from fuel. 

Soto Pocket Torch With Refillable Lighter


Not sure if you should choose between a torch lighter or a regular lighter? This convertible option from Soto means that you don’t have to. The included refillable lighter can be used for candles or smoking, and if you need a torch lighter for cigars or any other occasion, snap on the trigger igniter attachment. While this works with other rectangular disposable lighters, it won’t be effective with rounded brands such as Bic.

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Flower X Edie Parker Tabletop Lighter


Ideal for indoor smokers or cigar lovers, a table lighter can act as a decor piece as well as a functional lighter. Inspired by vintage table lighters of eras past, this acrylic lighter comes with a matching ashtray. With a black marbled finish, it’s a heavyweight coffee table piece that will command attention in any space.

Courtesy of Edie Parker

Snow Peak GigaPower Torch


It might look menacing, but if you’re looking for a powerful campfire or BBQ lighter that will get the job done even in damp conditions, look no further than the Snow Peak GigaPower torch. With an ergonomic wooden handle and a body that can easily get packed down, this fire starter can tackle anything you need, even in windy conditions. One buyer shares a useful hack: “The Gigatorch fits perfectly inside the smaller 35-sheet Lysol wipes container; you just have to squeeze the opening to get it in and out.”

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Urgrette 3-in-1 Pipe Lighter with Metal Tools


This is one of the coolest lighters for pipes — it includes a 3-in-1 set of attached tools to help you clean out your device, removing soot and residue. The flame is also adjustable. Just turn the switch at the bottom to raise or reduce the level. Combined with the stylish leather-look exterior, this is a tool that any pipe smoker will appreciate. With a pebbled leather finish, it’s classy and soft to the touch.

RONXS Electric Candle Lighter


We all have an “everything” drawer where household items can get buried, but thanks to this rechargeable lighter with a hanging hook, you don’t have to deal with that anymore. The lighter can hang on your mantle or kitchen and even has a battery indicator. Offered in an attractive champagne tone, this aluminum lighter has a safety lock and will automatically self-extinguish within 7 seconds. It’s a must-have for candle lovers.

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Tsubota Pearl Queue Polished Metal Lighter


Stick lighters are an alternative and more elegant alternative to your average Bic or Zippo. However, like the Zippo, this is a smoke accessory that will never go out of style. This slim and petite metal lighter has an expensive, polished look and is designed by the Japanese brand Tsubota Pearl. A more low-key alternative to the brand’s more colorful stick lighters and a great gifting option for friends and family.

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Carl Mertens Medio Lighter


Are you looking for a new kitchen lighter that fits alongside your appliances? German brand Carl Mertens offers this stylish silver stick lighter with a satin finish. Made from stainless steel, this is not your mother’s candle lighter. It provides an uninterrupted flame to light fires, candles, and more. The long and elegant look of this refillable gas lighter it’s a much-needed alternative to those bright and bendy budget arc lighters that are an eyesore on your counter.

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