Beyond Bic: The 11 Coolest Lighters for Your EDC

Veksun Electric Lighter
Courtesy of Amazon
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When it comes to finding the best lighters, there’s a whole world beyond Bic. While we’re by no means hating on the ever-popular disposable classic, there are more eco-friendly reusable options on the market. Instead, make a spark with these much more stylish alternatives that are sure to earn a compliment. Plus, their ability to last gives them an heirloom quality that a basic plastic lighter could never have.

Lighting a smoke is far from the only use of a lighter. If you’re looking for luxury, a survival accessory, or something tiny enough to fit on your keychain, there are plenty of cool lighters for EDC in 2021. If you’re lighting a cigar, it might be best to go with a powerful torch lighter. If you prefer to recharge your light to refilling it, there are plasma-heated products that allow you to light anything without an actual flame.

Get to know the most impressive and coolest lighters that you can buy online — browse below to find your perfect match.


1. Zippo Windproof Matte Black Pocket Lighter


Through the decades, nothing has remained cooler than the legendary and minimalist Zippo pocket lighter. It’s naturally windproof and quite the looker, especially in this elegant matte black offering. Once you invest in this all-metal EDC essential, it can be refilled for a lifetime, reducing waste and saving you money. The matte exterior doesn’t reveal fingerprints, nor scratch easily, thanks to the durable powder finish. A simple but eye-catching lighter that pays for itself over time.

Zippo Windproof Matte Black Pocket Lighter Courtesy of Walmart

Zippo Windproof Matte Black Pocket Lighter


2. Veksun Electric Lighter


This cool lighter is basically the iPhone of lighters, with its easy-to-use touch-activated button that turns on the lighter, which uses plasma instead of a flame to light whatever you need. It can be recharged with the included USB cord and takes about an hour to charge. One buyer appreciates how easy it is to light in windy areas like a boat or on a beach, while another used it to light fireworks and birthday candles. Beyond smoking, this electric lighter is versatile for all kinds of situations.

Veksun Electric Lighter Courtesy of Amazon

Veksun Electric Lighter


Brushed Chrome Zippo Lighter Gift Set


Available in black or silver, the Zippo lighter gift set also makes a perfectly good self-care gift for yourself with added value, since it includes a pipe insert. A reviewer comments on this: “This insert takes the standard gas canister nozzle so you don’t need the multi-adapter canister.” This gift set durable design and solid option for anyone who likes non-disposable lighters.

Brushed Chrome Zippo Lighter Gift Set Courtesy of Amazon

Brushed Chrome Zippo Lighter Gift Set

$24.04 $33.95 29% OFF

Cusimax USB Rechargeable Cell Phone Bracket Stand Lighter


Cusimax’s USB rechargeable electronic lighter can be used as a phone holder and stand. It’s made of practically invincible zinc alloy, ensuring that it won’t break easily. You might think that a multi-use accessory like this is bulky and takes up space, but according to buyers, it’s surprisingly slim and streamlined. Any gadget geek or smoker that frequently Facetimes will love this device, and anyone who ends up gifting one will probably end up getting one for themselves too.

Cusimax USB Rechargeable Cell Phone Bracket Stand Lighter Courtesy of Walmart

Cusimax USB Rechargeable Cell Phone Bracket Stand Lighter


Mrs. Brog Cigar Triple Flame Torch Lighter


If you’re looking for a foolproof flame or a cool cigar lighter, this trusty Mrs. Brog piece has an expensive look with a built-in cigar punch. Some reviewers do note that the butane fuel runs out faster than it should, but this can be solved by releasing the empty air inside, re-filling, or fiddling with the flame adjuster. However, others who have had this cool lighter for years say that it holds fuel for a few weeks at a time.

Mrs. Brog Cigar Triple Flame Torch Lighter Courtesy of Amazon

Mrs. Brog Cigar Triple Flame Torch Lighter


S.T. Dupont MaxiJet Matte Black Red Lighter


If you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one, this cool lighter brand offers a beautiful matte black and red lighter that’s superior to flint lighters. The MaxiJet is one of S.T Dupont’s most popular models, and it includes a fuel gauge so you can tell when it’s about to run out. A lifelong fan of the brand says, “It’s expensive, but the MaxiJet is the best butane jet lighter I’ve ever had. And I’ve owned about 50 different types and brands of so-called high-end butane jet lighters.”

S.T. Dupont MaxiJet Matte Black Red Lighter Courtesy of Amazon

S.T. Dupont MaxiJet Matte Black Red Lighter

$177.00 $210.00 16% OFF

iLevar Dual Arc Plasma Lighter


There’s nothing worse than running out of fuel when you need it most. This cool lighter solves that by having a built-in LED battery indicator. Also, technically, there’s no fuel in it. It uses dual-arm plasma technology to light up all of your smoking or camping adventures, no matter what weather comes your way. If you’re always outside, this stealthy black lighter is the way to go. Just flip it open and hit the button.

iLevar Dual Arc Plasma Lighter Courtesy of Amazon

iLevar Dual Arc Plasma Lighter

$18.99 $21.99 14% OFF

Icfun Wateproof Plasma Lighter With Flashlight


Not only is this cool lighter incredibly effective in the outdoors, but it’s completely waterproof with its orange case, so even if it starts pouring rain or you go for a swim, it’ll still have your back. Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, this lighter takes around two hours to charge and has an automatic shut-off mechanism to protect you. It even has a built-in flashlight with impressive brightness, which is ideal for survival situations.

Icfun Wateproof Plasma Lighter With Flashlight Courtesy of Amazon

Icfun Wateproof Plasma Lighter With Flashlight


AmazingForLess Electric Arc Lighter


From BBQs to candles, these bendable arc lighters can help you reach places that a normal lighter wouldn’t be able to access, or might cause you to burn yourself. These ones have a simple look and come in a range of colors for you to choose from. Unlike many candle lighters, this one is flameless. When one customer needed to refill their previous candle lighter, they bought this one, commenting, “The beauty of this is plain electric recharge. This is also much easier to do some plastic sealing compared to a flame which can melt plastic too much.”

Icfun Wateproof Plasma Lighter With Flashlight Courtesy of Walmart

AmazingForLess Electric Arc Lighter


The Neo


This innovative lighter is ideal for the health-conscious — it heats up your substance of choice without actually combusting it, and can be used with any pipe or bong. Essentially, it’s a cool lighter that turns your smoking device into a vaporizer. While it’s a little larger and heavier than your average lighter, this USC-chargeable invention is well worth the investment, as your breath controls the density of the vapor. Just place the Neo over your bowl and avoid all the gross ash and toxins that combustion causes.

The Neo Prrl Labs

The Neo



11. Dissim Inverted Lighter


Available via EDC superstore Huckberry, the Dissim Inverted Lighter has a clever design (and $50 price tag) that keeps your fingers away from the flame when you’re trying to light a candle (or anything, for that matter). If you want a lighter that will make everyone say, “Hey, where did you get that?”, then this is the coolest lighter you’ll find for your EDC kit.

coolest lighters Courtesy of Huckberry

Dissim Inverted Lighter


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