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This Backpack Cooler Keeps Your Drinks Chilled On The Go (and Beats Carrying a Giant Plastic Ice Box)

* Upgrade your summer outings with this backpack cooler
* Holds up to 30 cans of your favorite beer or soda
* Great for camping, hiking or beach days

We just found a seriously good upgrade for your summer adventures: this backpack cooler from Travis Mathew.

Whether you’re hitting the beach, lounging in a park, camping, or hiking, cold drinks will make it better. Normally this would mean hauling a large, cumbersome plastic cooler full of heavy ice, but this clever backpack makes enjoying chilled drinks much easier.

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Image courtesy of Travis Mathew

The cooler backpack fits up to 30 cans, but thanks to an ergonomic design, that weight is evenly distributed across your shoulders so you can hike without feeling weighed down. Instead of simply a plastic tub, the backpack utilizes a sealed cooler lining that doesn’t require loads of ice to stay cool.

But you also get the benefits of a stylish backpack; convenient external pockets provide a spot for gadgets, swimsuits and other summer essentials. Plus, a durable construction ensures that it will survive a few inevitable drops and scraps.

Normal ice will work with this backpack, but we highly recommend picking up some ice packs to reduce the weight and prevent any leakage. When you’re heading out, place the cold ice packs directly in the backpack with you drinks. If the drinks are cold, the ice packs should keep them chilly for a at least a few hours.