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We’re Warning You Now, Don’t Wear This Coronavirus Halloween Costume

While the world is still up in the air about whether or not Halloween will be celebrated this year — at least, in any recognizable way — some of us are still surfing the web for a creative costume idea in order to snag that “best costume” trophy at this year’s Halloween party. But at this rate, we’re probably going to have these spooky-themed bangers over Zoom. There’s a good shot you’ll only have to go hard on your costume from your shoulders up.

Topical costumes are always some of the best ensembles to strut the Halloween catwalk. But, given the fact that the majority of 2020 thus far has been a tragic downward spiral, we suggest you save those timely costume ideas for another year. One far, far away from now.

Meaning, don’t even think about dressing up as the coronavirus. We promise, your coronavirus Halloween costume is not as funny as you think it is.

Amazon already has a range of Halloween costumes that can ship to your door at the very last minute, which is great! Don’t get us wrong. But, some current sellers are going the extra mile to provide timely costumes for Halloween 2020 that are as predictable as they are ill-advised. Yeah, we’re talking about this coronavirus Halloween mask, one of several such options on sites like Amazon right now.

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Although the mask itself doesn’t necessarily resemble the novel coronavirus or any related symptoms, it’s named after a virus that has killed (and is still killing) so many people. Topical Halloween costumes can always be a risky bet, but after the year we’ve had, and are still having, we can say with confidence that this coronavirus costume is a bad look.

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Sure, promote the mask as any old germ, that’s completely Kosher, but specifically gearing it toward coronavirus cosplay? Man, read the room.

Think about it: when was the last time you hit up a Halloween party and saw someone dressed as HPV? It doesn’t happen because it’s weird.

There are a wide variety of costume ideas you can rock that aren’t going to get you cancelled. For God’s sake, show up as a Minion if you have to! This coronavirus costume will just make you look like an ass — and nobody wants that.

If you’re looking for a fire Halloween costume alternative that won’t piss people off, don’t stress out, there are tons. From eccentric wigs that’ll get the whole room’s heads turning to couples’ costumes that’ll split first place in the costume content right in half, you’ll surely find something before the end of October no matter what our favorite scary holiday ends up looking like. Again, just don’t dress as the coronavirus.

You don’t want to be that guy.