What the Crap? The Groovy, Luxury-Grade Eyewear Brand Putting Both Fashion & Construction in the Forefront

two people wearing Crap Eyewear
Courtesy of Crap Eyewear

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Crap. A word synonymous with poop. Shit, if you will. Something we see as nothing but bad. “Damn, this sandwich tastes like crap” or “yeah, this wristwatch is a load of crap” never mean anything good. But, Crap Eyewear? Oh, they’re more than just good.

This ironically-named sunglasses line is marking its territory amongst brands you’re more familiar with such as Ray-Ban, Warby Parker and Oakley, but in our eyes, is doing so much better. How? Crap Eyewear is using style aesthetics popularized through a vintage lens and now being sold and distributed for $5 on fast-fashion sites by transforming these unique, voguish designs into glasses actually worth buying. Each pair hits the money in terms of modern fashion but they’re constructed with care in a way fast-fashion brands are not doing. This brand makes rocking sunglasses a win-win by keeping you in with the times without forcing you to buy a cheap, chintzy pair off ASOS.

two people wearing Crap Eyewear Courtesy of Crap Eyewear

Crap Eyewear has styles for every kind of person ranging from the more toned-down to the balls-to-the-wall eclectic type. Each pair is designed and tested by your average beachside skater/surfer type in LA to ensure they’re worth the money. They’re handcrafted with optical-grade materials to provide total durability and comfortability no matter where your day’s taking you with complete protection from both the sun and its harmful UV rays. Though they may look similar to some of the stuff you’re seeing on Fashion Nova, Crap Eyewear contains all the quality that your $12 alternative is lacking.

The culture of Crap is deeply rooted within the music, fashion, skate and surf scenes throughout Southern California and is fully invested in supporting the communities around them that essentially inspired their creation to begin with. With that being said, Crap’s collaborated with local influencers that represent the brand well, musicians such as YG and Paramore and even worldwide icons like Hello Kitty. It really is the trendiest way to wear sunglasses — and it’s going absolutely nowhere.

Paramore wearing Crap Eyewear Courtesy of Crap Eyewear

Crap Eyewear’s coming into your radar just in time for summer and there’s no better time to rock a pair. Check out some of our favorites to pick up below.


1. The Supa Phreek

She’s super freaky! These brand-new, marbled sunglasses have a thick, rectangular frame that will have you standing out amongst the crowd on your next beach day. They will match with whatever you’re wearing as the clear staple to your look. Throw these on with a pair of boardshorts and your go-to summer tank and you’ve got yourself a look as good as it’ll ever get.

The Supa Phreek Courtesy of Crap Eyewear


2. The Dropout Boogie

The Dropout Boogies are the pair that are going to give your Ray-Bans a run for their money. They’re the effortlessly stylish type that can quite literally match just about anything — no matter the season. Each pair is crafted with the highest quality of materials the world ever did see and pairs well on top of your longboard coasting down the sidewalk.

The Dropout Boogie Courtesy of Crap Eyewear


3. The Funk Punk

D-Mob’s back and it’s time to get funky! Stay pretty in pink all summer long with these glasses groovy enough to get your little sister’s Barbie jealous. They have a clean yet retro look to them that falls into a spot so versatile that they can fit in just about any decade. There are a few colors available (including black), but, what’s the fun in that? Pink all the way, baby.

The Funk Punk Courtesy of Crap Eyewear


4. The Nu Bloom

Oh, so you’re the thin frame type? Good, we’ve got the perfect pick for you. The Nu Blooms have an evocative sense of nostalgia to them by boasting a sense of style straight from your pops’ photo collection from the 70s. These glasses are super easy to match with your everyday look no matter where the day takes you, from suntanning at the coast to your Aunt Jane’s backyard Covid wedding.

The Nu Bloom Courtesy of Crap Eyewear


5. The Heavy Tropix

These vintage-looking sunglasses are so out there, they’re have you saying “holy cow” the second you try them on. These lightweight bad boys are a surefire standout when it comes to your sunglasses collection. They have a serious bitchy attitude to them that’s almost comedic and work great for all genders. All you’re missing? A wide-brimmed hat. You know, for the chaos.

The Heavy Tropix Courtesy of Crap Eyewear


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