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Crocs Fingerless Gloves Are a Thing — And We Wish They Weren’t

Crocs are fairly controversial — some people love them, while others would prefer to do without them. Either way, you’re likely to roll your eyes so hard at this Crocs invention from YouTuber Matt Benedetto of Unnecessary Inventions. He decided to turn the classic rubber clog into a pair of fingerless gloves. Crocs you wear on your hands. This has to be the weirdest Crocs treatment yet.

The inventor — who’s also created unconventional items like soleless shoes, a pizza-shaped fanny pack and a smartphone-size umbrella — created the wacky gloves using a 3-D printer.

Benedetto kept the shoes’ ankle strap as part of the design, letting it rest against the wearers’ knuckles. The style leaves the tips of the fingers exposed, with the distinctive Crocs’ holes providing breathability.

While Crocs’ rubber clogs are beloved for their comfort and functionality, the gloves may serve a lesser purpose, since they leave the hands mostly exposed. That said, Benedetto put them to the test with some success — sporting the handwear to grill, garden and use a cell phone.

Although the brand Crocs isn’t itself behind this zany invention, it’s no stranger to reinventing its styles. Past Crocs’ collaborations have seen the shoes outfitted with everything from teensy fanny packs to oversize spikes.

Crocs is getting plenty of positive press after reporting strong second-quarter earnings of 59 cents per share, beating analysts’ bets of 46 cents. The clog maker saw adjusted profits jump 3.1% to $42.6 million, while sales increased 9.4% to meet Wall Street’s predictions of $358.9 million.

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