Calling All Crocs Lovers: Amazon Is Having a Crocs Jibbitz Super Sale

Crocs Jibbitz
Courtesy of @crocs on Instagram

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If there is anything that just about anybody in this country can agree upon in 2022, it’s that Crocs are officially cool. It took some time, but the little ugly shoe that could is finally the shoe of the decade, without a doubt. Sure, they’re visually heinous, but that’s kind of the point. Complete with a comfortable fit, a lightweight material, a waterproof consistency and a number of different styles to choose from, it’s no wonder that no matter who you are, you probably have a pair of Crocs sitting on your shoe rack.

We love Crocs, but just as much as we love Crocs, we love to decorate them with Crocs Jibbitz. Similar to the look of the shoe, Jibbitz are tacky in exactly the right way. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why we’ve become so obsessed, but if we’re wearing a pair of Crocs, we’re covering them in Jibbitz. It’s simply the way the cookie crumbles.

But, if you are wearing a pair of Crocs Jibbitz-less, we’ve got some news — Crocs is currently offering a mega sale on Jibbitz through Amazon that you’re not going to want to miss out on. This deal on Jibbitz means you can cover all of your best Crocs, from classic clogs to fur-lined Crocs once it gets cold outside. Speaking of the cold (even though any form of chill is hard to imagine right now), there’s never been a better time to pick up some Crocs-centric stocking stuffers months before you have to for the holiday season.

What are you waiting for? Check out one of the best Amazon deals you’ll see all summer now and snag some Jibbitz before they sell out. Find our favorites to consider below.

1. Crocs Jibbitz 5-Pack Alien Shoe Charms

These Crocs Jibbitz deals are out of this world! See what we did there? Goodness, we’re hilarious. These spacey Crocs Jibbitz feature an array of extraterrestrial goodies, including aliens, an astronaut, an asteroid and a spaceship. Pick them up now for 25% off while you can!

Crocs Jibbitz 5-Pack Alien Shoe Charms Courtesy of Amazon


2. Crocs Jibbitz 5-Pack Trendy Shoe Charms

Anybody watching this season of The Bachelorette? If so, these Crocs Jibbitz have your name all over them. Glass of red? Check. Charcuterie board? Check. “First Class” sleep mask? Check. A diamond? Check. A rose for all of those moments you’ll hear, “will you accept this rose?” Check. It feels like Crocs had an incredibly specific demographic with this one. Consider it reached, Crocs.

Crocs Jibbitz 5-Pack Trendy Shoe Charms Courtesy of Amazon


3. Crocs Jibbitz 5-Pack Summer Shoe Charms

Basketball boys, where you at? This 5-pack is made for any MVP crushing the courts in their Crocs this summer. Because who said Crocs couldn’t be basketball shoes?

Crocs Jibbitz 5-Pack Summer Shoe Charms Courtesy of Amazon


4. Crocs Jibbitz 5-Pack Summer Shoe Charms

These Jibbitz have summer written all over them. Seriously, summer isn’t complete without these. These Jibbitz are sure to brighten up your days, and of course, your Crocs. Plus, who doesn’t want a shoe clad in an avocado?

Crocs Jibbitz 5-Pack Summer Shoe Charms Courtesy of Amazon


5. Crocs Jibbitz Super Hero Shoe Charms

Our Spidey Senses are tingling! These Crocs Jibbitz feature everything Spiderman-centric for your favorite superhero lover.

Crocs Jibbitz Super Hero Shoe Charms Courtesy of Amazon