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Keep Your Secret Survival Weapon in the Palm of Your Hand With a Multi-Function Keychain

Whatever your age, however you identify, and regardless of your social standing, one thing that most people can agree on is that it’s never a good idea to leave home without your keys. That makes keychains the perfect place to hold commonly used items that can help with casual tasks, like opening a bottle, to more emergency measures, like being able to start a fire. Whether you’re preparing for a zombie apocalypse or simply want to be ready for daily adventures, a multi-use everyday carry keychain can be a figurative and literal lifesaver.

Finding one keychain that covers all your needs may not be practical for an EDC (everyday carry) item. The best EDC keychains are organized, useful, and go with you everywhere. If your keychain is too large and heavy, you likely won’t want to carry it around every time you leave the house. That’s why we’ve selected three of our favorite EDC keychains that all serve different purposes, with each keychain the best in their respective category.

If you’re someone who often finds themselves with car trouble and need to see under the hood or you like to walk your dog in the dark, we recommend an EDC with a flashlight. For those who are handy and want to help with a quick fix of a wobbly table or chair, an EDC keychain with screwdrivers can be your new best friend. For the outdoorsman, an EDC keychain with survivalist tools like a whistle and fire starter could be your best hiking partner.

Check out our top three picks for EDC keychains and find the one that works best for your daily routine.

1. Holtzman’s Paracord Keychain Carabiner Survival Tool

Get five survival tools in one compact keychain with the Holtzman’s Paracord Keychain Carabiner Survival Tool. A must-have when exploring the outdoors but small and lightweight enough to carry with youevery day, the Holtzman includes an emergency whistle, flint rod, flint scraper/cutting tool and paracord.

Pros: The Holtzman has a plastic carabiner end which makes it a quick and convenient attachment to anything from a belt loop to a backpack. The keychain also comes in a gift box, making it a great option for a present.

Cons: The Holtzman advertises itself as a five-in-one tool, but the fifth tool is a keyring, which isn’t as helpful as the other items.

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2. RovyVon 550 Lumens Mini Keychain Flashlight

Most keychain flashlights barely throw off enough power to light up your finger, but that’s not the case with the RovyVon Mini Keychain Flashlight, which has a beam distance of 80 meters. The RovyVon packs an impressive 550 lumens and comes with four setting options, including low, medium, high and strobe. The RoyvVon is water and impact resistant, making it a durable option.

Pros: The RovyVon has a rechargeable battery that takes on 45 minutes to fully charge. Depending on the intensity of the setting used, the light can last several minutes on one charge.

Cons: The RovyVon’s battery cannot be replaced and typically lasts two years.

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3. Gerber Shard Keychain Tool

Get six tools in one with the durable and affordable Gerber Shard Keychain Tool. The Gerber is a small but impressive multi-tool, made durable thanks to titanium nitride coating, which adds resistance to corrosion. Great to keep on hand for unexpected small jobs, the tool features a small and medium flat driver, a Phillips head driver, a wire stripper, a pry bar, and a bottle opener.

Pros: The Gerber is airline travel-friendly.

Cons: Because of the sharp Phillips head driver on the end of the keychain, it can be uncomfortable to carry the Gerber in your pocket.

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