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Grab This Engagement Ring Sizer to Guarantee a Perfect Fit Right After the Big Moment

Alright, you’ve decided to propose. You’ve found the perfect partner, the perfect ring and you’ve got a plan all worked for how, where and when you’re going to pop that ultimate question.

The best part? Your significant other has no idea. Not only were you able to keep everything a secret, you even found out her ring size without her knowing.

Well, okay, maybe you didn’t get that last part perfect, but you’re close. After all, who knows their own ring size let alone the ring size of another human being? You can probably guess, but is it going to be as accurate as you want for something she’ll hopefully wear on her finger for the rest of her life? Probably not. But not to worry! We’ve got a handy little gadget to have in your back pocket, along with the ring, that guarantees a snug fit every time.

You’ll probably want to get the ring permanently resized, but in the meantime, this trick will keep a loose ring from falling off and (potentially) getting lost.

Skip all the hassle and drama of ill-fitting rings by slipping on this engagement ring sizer. This option from GWHOLE is durable, comfortable and invisible. It sits underneath the ring so everyone’s view of the rock remains unobstructed, all the while providing a snug fit.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Amazon
Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Amazon

The engagement ring sizer is made of high quality PVC and reduces ring size by 1-1.5 sizes to give some wiggle room to work with when trying to guesstimate.

The set comes with four sizers, so you can change them out over time, as well as a silver polishing cloth to keep the band in tip top shape. It’s an engagement ring, it’ll (hopefully) get a lot of use and this kit will help your lady feel as comfortable and confident while wearing the ring as possible.

Be the guy with the perfect ring and the guy who helps it fit — you’ll have thought of everything and hopefully win the moment. Good luck, we’re rooting for ya!