Face Mask Lanyards, Holders and Chains Are Functional Fashion Accessories

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The first surgical face mask was invented over 100 years ago, but face masks have become a necessity in 2021, for obvious reasons. Both cloth face masks and N95 face masks are now recommended as a part of everyday life, and there are a huge range of accessories to make wearing them more comfortable and less annoying. One of our favorite face masks hacks? The face mask lanyard, which is hugely helpful when you’re working out or on the go.

For example, the best face mask lanyards keep face masks off dirty surfaces and away from unhygienic environments. Storing them in your bag or laying them on a public table is simply not the cleanest option. That’s where face mask lanyards, face mask holders and face mask chains come in handy. The best face mask accessories don’t just keep your face mask off dirty surfaces and comfortably around your neck, but they can also be stylish.

Two of the most popular types of face mask accessories are lanyards and holders. You might be wondering exactly what you’re supposed to use them for or if they’re worth the investment. Here’s why you need them:

Lanyard – Similar to a glasses lanyard, a face mask lanyard is designed to keep your mask close to your body, even when you’re not wearing it. By attaching the lanyard’s cord to either side of your ear loops, the lanyard ensures a 360-degree connection between your mask and your head. This prevents the mask from falling. Many stylish lanyards have been designed to include chains, beads and other patterned materials, too.

Ear-Saver – We’re now over a year into the Covid crisis, and our ears are really starting to feel the weight of it. Holding masks in place for hours and being tugged into position isn’t easy on your ear skin, as you may have experienced. Having an ear-saver, in the form of a face mask holder or chain, attached to your face mask is a highly effective way to relieve pressure on your ears without compromising safety.

Both of these modern gadgets are practical for a more comfortable fit. They’re also great for preventing unwanted situations such as misplacing your mask, mixing it up with someone else’s or putting it down on a dirty surface. 

Give your ears a break and keep your mask close with the best face mask lanyards, holders and chains. Combined with the best face masks for running, these accessories can be a great solution for athletes. There is a mix of face mask accessories on our list along with a bracket design, too. Whichever style you choose to order, you’ll be glad you did.


1. CSENS 6-Pack of Mask Lanyards


These simple and affordable face mask lanyards work equally well with both masks and eyeglasses. They’re a simple and practical solution for frontline workers, athletes and anyone else who wants to keep their face mask clean and hygienic. Each order comes with six lanyards, which can be adjusted to fit comfortably around your neck.

best face mask lanyards Courtesy of Amazon

2. TheRustyJalopy Face Mask Lanyard with Ear Saver


Get the best of both worlds with TheRustyJalopy Face Mask Lanyard with Ear Saver. USA-branded hooks at either end of the colored string have a small slanted opening to ensure your mask is secured firmly in place. In the middle of the string, you’ll find an ear-saver slide that can be tightened to hold your mask in place and to hold the hoops away from your ears. Equally, this ear saver can be loosened to allow your mask to hang in front of you when not being worn. This dual-purpose, handmade accessory is ideal for anyone who finds themselves taking their face mask on and off throughout the day.

face mask chains therustyjalopy Image courtesy of Etsy


3. LuckyplanetUS Mask Lanyard


A LuckplanetUS Mask Lanyard is a great option when it comes to buying a quality-made, modestly priced face mask accessory. This lanyard is available for singular purchases, and so it is ideal if you’re looking to try out the idea of a lanyard before investing in a multipack. You can select the color of the cord from nine available options, which are all topped with a silver clasp at either end. This fixed-length lanyard measures 24.5 inches long, making it suitable for most adults.

face mask chains luckyplanetus lanyard Image courtesy of Etsy


4. CSENS Face Mask Lanyard


Six jungle-inspired CSENS Face Mask Lanyards are included with each order. They’re made of a spandex and nylon mix, making them comfortable to wear and durable, too. Each lanyard has a unique print featuring realistic animal tones. They also come with a black adjustment fixture and a stopper, making them adaptable for both adults and children.

face mask holders csens Image courtesy of Amazon


5. BeyondTrim Face Mask Chain


Available in either gold or silver, the BeyondTrim Face Mask Chain offers a metallic option. The paperclip-style linked chain is topped with lobster clasps for a secure hold. Although usually made to a length of 24 inches, if you’d prefer a slightly shorter or longer chain, the seller can adjust the design to suit your requirements, if requested at the time of ordering.

face mask holders beyondtrim Image courtesy of Etsy


6. MuseMute Face Mask Lanyard


MustMute Face Mask Lanyards are available in five natural tones, including black and brown. As well as selecting the color of suede you prefer, you can also select the finish of the nickel-free lobster clasps for a completely customizable accessory. Each leather lanyard measures roughly 24 inches long and is handmade to order in Los Angeles, California.

face mask holders musemute Image courtesy of Etsy


7. TEKcians Mask Lanyard


TEKcians Mask Lanyards are suitable for everyday use or distribution among members of a team or work crew. Ten identical black lanyards are included in each pack. They measure 21 inches in length and feature small, plastic attachments on either end. They also boast an adjustment fixture that allows for the lanyard to be used as a holder when you’re wearing your mask.

face mask lanyard tekcians Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Hidden Hollow Beads Face Mask Holder


Small bulldog clips are attached to the more commonly seen clasps at either end of the Hidden Hollow Beads Face Mask Holder. Their flat closure allows for a flat, material-friendly grip rather than the usual strap hold. However, as the bulldog clips can be removed, you can choose whether you use them or the usual clasps. The stainless steel chain has a smooth finish to avoid any snags on your clothes or hair. Plus, these holders are made in the USA.

face mask lanyard hidden hollow beads Image courtesy of Amazon


9. LoveLinax Tortoise Shell Face Mask Strap


The LoveLinax Tortoise Shell Face Mask Strap is both fashionable and functional. This particular style is coffee-colored, although there is a huge range of other earth tones and bright options to choose from. You can choose to order your lanyards in packs of three, five, seven, 10 or 20, and they all ship from Los Angeles. The more you order, the better the price per piece. And, you can use the personalization box to let the supplier know if you’d like a mix of different styles rather than all matching styles.

face mask lanyard lovelinax Image courtesy of Etsy


10. KOHOTA Face Mask Lanyards 20-Pack


With more than 3,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.5-star rating, KOHOTA Face Mask Lanyards are a popular choice. Twenty pieces are included with each order across 10 different, rainbow colors. Small black clips at either end of the colored cord can be used for attaching the lanyard to your mask. There is also an adjustment fixture placed in the middle to enable the use of the lanyard as an ear saver, too.

face mask lanyard kohota Image courtesy of Amazon


11. BEITESTAR Face Mask Holder


Three size options are integrated into the fixed design of the BEITESTAR Face Mask Holder. Although they don’t change shape, these holders can be used to suit different head sizes. There are three sets of hooks on each one, which allow for the mask straps to be looped on at different lengths. Eight holders, ranging across four colors, are included. Additionally, their flat finish makes them ideal for hiding behind long hair for disguised wear.

face mask lanyard beitestar mask holders Image courtesy of Amazon


12. MaskBuddyz Personalized Face Mask Lanyard


One of the best ways to claim something as yours is to put your name on it. And, the MaskBuddyz Personalized Face Mask Lanyard lets you do exactly that. Along with individual letter pieces, you can also choose to embellish your lanyard strap with different types of sports balls, including a baseball, a basketball or a soccer ball. There are many types of cord and bead options to choose from at the point of purchase, too. These lanyards make a fantastic, COVID-conscious gift.

maskbuddyz face mask holder Image courtesy of Etsy


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