GlassesUSA Debuts New Sustainable Eyewear Made from Wood, Hemp, Coffee and Ocean Plastic

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Looking for a better way to see the world and help it at the same time? You’re in luck, as has debuted an eco-conscious eyewear collection (sunglasses and prescription frames) that celebrates upcycling. You may have noticed that more brands and designers are embracing sustainability, and’s latest offering is quite eye-catching, if you’ll forgive the obvious pun. The collection was released on February 18, and a few of the products are already close to selling out. is one of our favorite places to buy cheap glasses online, and the new sustainable collection includes new designer frames from Stella McCartney, long known for her eco-friendly fashion. The other brands in the collection include Hemp Eyewear, Ochis, Arnette, Costa del Mar, WaterHaul and SeaClean.

Courtesy of GlassesUSA

The new eyewear is made from upcycled materials including coffee, flax, hemp, ocean recycled plastics and wood. Those ingredients and more ethically sourced materials are turned into on-trend eyewear that’s made to last. All the frames in the collection also follow GlassesUSA’s mission of creating affordable eyewear, and are priced from $74.00 to $400 and up. And yes, that includes the lenses and the frames.

Keep reading to check out some of our favorite products from the new release, available for sale online now. Head to to see the entire collection of eco-friendly sunglasses and frames.


Stella McCartney SC0031S

Stella McCartney has long used organic and recycled materials in all of her designs. The brand uses over 50% of raw materials to create her unisex sunnies. Prices range from $357.00 to $483.00.

stella mccartney sustainable sunglasses Courtesy of GlassesUSA


All of SeaCleans eyewear is created from upcycled plastic bottles. The brand is offering prescription glasses as well as non-prescription and prescription sunglasses. For each pair purchased, SeaClean is donating five dollars to The OceanCleanup to aid that group’s mission to rid the world’s waterways of plastic pollution. SeaCleans glasses and sunglasses, which include the frame and lenses, are currently discounted to just $32, which is a massive 60% discount.

seaclean sustainable glasses Courtesy of GlassesUSA

Ochis Eyewear – Dandy Sunglasses

Ochis Eyewear is a new eyewear company that’s committed to creating sunglasses and prescription frames made entirely from coffee waste. Not one drop of plastic is ever used in any of their frames. Ochis Eyewear unisex frames are lightweight, and the brand got its start via Kickstarter. Rumor has it that they smell like a piping hot cup of coffee. Ochis sunglasses start at $89.

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Hemp Eyewear – Dean Frames

You’ve heard of hemp clothing and hemp skincare, and now you can buy men’s sunglasses made out the versatile plant. The Edinburgh-based company makes every frame by hand in their workshop. They have a variety of eyewear (and sunglasses) for men and women. You can pick up these Hemp sunnies for $214.

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Woodie Eyewear

Woodie creates glasses with recycled wood and materials that can only be found in nature. While wood-frame sunglasses had a burst of popularity when they were first introduced, they’ve waxed and waned in popularity over the years. However, with a renewed interest in sustainable style and accessories, Woodie’s are very much back in fashion. In particular, we like the brand’s Urban frames, which have a classic-yet-modern aesthetic to go along with the sustainable materials. Use the coupon code PREMIUM20 to save $25 on these frames and lenses.

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Arnette AN4274 Hypno

As part of this sustainable collection, Arnette is offering a capsule collection of eyewear that’s comprised of 56% of castor oil and biobased materials. The eyewear cases are made from recycled ABS, and the polishing cloths are created with 78% polymide.

Arnette AN4274 Hypno Courtesy of GlassesUSA

Waterhaul Kynance Sunglasses

Finally, we love these classic sunglasses from Waterhaul. This eyewear brand uses recovered fishing nets and other recycled ocean plastics to make stylish sunglasses for men and women. These retro-cool sunglasses are currently on sale for just $80.

waterhaul sunglasses Courtesy of GlassesUSA

To view’s entire eco-conscious collection, click here.


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