We’ve Got Heart Eyes For These 7 Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Maxdot Heart Shape Sunglasses
Courtesy of Amazon
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Keeping your eyes shielded from the sun doesn’t always have to be boring. Sure, some of the best sunglasses for men and women are typically on the lower-key side of style to blend effortlessly into one’s outfit, but sometimes the day calls for a little more fun. When you’re trying to spice up your outfit when going out with friends, hitting the beach or strutting down the streets, take a walk on the wild side with heart-shaped sunglasses.

Heart-shaped sunglasses are a kitschy, high-fashion-esque way to amplify your look in the summertime. Although they’re typically geared toward women, they’re a multi-gender way to express yourself and bring your outfit to a whole new level of accessorizing. Heart-shaped sunglasses are rarely expensive and typically make some of the best cheap sunglasses to wear whenever the day calls for it. Not only are they perfect for your everyday life, but also for events such as concerts and festivals.

Surprisingly, there are tons of different heart-shaped sunglasses options to choose from, ranging from a number of different colors, sizes and frames. If you’re ready to show off some serious heart eyes, see below for the coolest heart-shaped sunglasses to rock into the fall.

1. JOVAKIT Polarized Heart Sunglasses


When searching for the best heart-shaped sunglasses online, it could get a little difficult to find an affordable pair that has all of the bells and whistles more expensive pairs do. Out of all of the cheap pairs of heart-shaped sunglasses we’ve found, JOVAKIT on Amazon has the most worth-it pair. These sunglasses are 54-millimeters with an 18-millimeter bridge to keep them sturdy on your face. Each pair is made with scratch-resistant polarized lenses and a sturdy metal frame. The lenses are UV400 protected and the sunglasses even come in a number of good-looking colors.

JOVAKIT Polarized Heart Sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon

JOVAKIT Polarized Heart Sunglasses



2. Frienda Heart Shaped Sunglasses


Why get one pair when you can have six? With Frienda, that can actually happen. These sunglasses can match all your style needs this summer because you’ll get six different pairs to choose from when deciding your outfit. Need something black to match anything? Go for it. Something blue for the beach? Why not? Brown for the boardwalk? Pick your poison. Your friend forgot their sunnies at home? No worries, let’s get matching. Each pair is polarized and durably made.

Frienda Heart Shaped Sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon

Frienda Heart Shaped Sunglasses



3. Quay Australia Heartbreaker Sunglasses


Let’s face it — a lot of the best heart-shaped sunglasses come from random Amazon brands, which isn’t much of a sell for a lot of people purchasing accessories online. Thankfully, if you’re weary, Quay Australia is a reliable sunglasses brand and has its very own pair of heart-shaped sunglasses reviewers love. The pretty-in-pink Heartbreaker glasses have a seriously vintage look to them and featured a rose gold/copper fade anyone would look good in. Perfect for festivals and beyond!

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Quay Australia Heartbreaker Sunglasses Courtesy of Quay Australia

Quay Australia Heartbreaker Sunglasses



4. LVIOE Heart Sunglasses


Take it back to the 70s and live out your psychedelic, flower child fantasy with these heart-shaped sunglasses covered in vintage-looking floral frames. These chunky-framed glasses will be the most eye-catching part of your entire outfit as a true summer standout. The lenses here are polarized and 100% UV400 protected to keep your eyes safe from the sun, too.

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LVIOE Heart Sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon

LVIOE Heart Sunglasses



5. ASOS DESIGN Heart Sunglasses


Looking to save some coin? Right now, you can get these red heart-shaped sunglasses from ASOS on sale. Serve some real shade with bright red, see-through frames and dark-tinted lenses that will actually block the sun pretty nicely. They’re made with solid UV protection and have a standard design for all-day, everyday wear.

ASOS DESIGN Heart Sunglasses Courtesy of ASOS

ASOS DESIGN Heart Sunglasses



6. Frienda Vintage Heart Shaped Sunglasses


Frienda clearly takes the cake when it comes to solid great looking heart-shaped sunglasses in bulk. Like the second pick, these heart-shaped sunglasses come at an affordable price and in a pack of six to give owners numerous options to rock depending on what they’re wearing. They have a great shape with a cat-eye approach and have amassed a solid 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

Frienda Vintage Heart Shaped Sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon

Frienda Vintage Heart Shaped Sunglasses



7. Maxdot Heart Shape Sunglasses


Looking for a frameless party pair of heart-shaped sunglasses ready for all of your summer outings? Well, you’ve found ’em. These heart-shaped sunglasses from Maxdot are available in just about any color under the sun and look great on a variety of face shapes and sizes. They aren’t polarized or UV protected, but they will look awesome on.

Maxdot Heart Shape Sunglasses Courtesy of Amazon

Maxdot Heart Shape Sunglasses



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