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Seth Rogen’s Brand Houseplant Launches Holiday Bundle Deals for Your Best Buds

It’s official: gifting season is underway, and you’re not sure what to give your favorite stoner. Just in time, Seth Rogen’s ultra-chic and universally appealing canna lifestyle brand Houseplant is launching its very own holiday bundles for a special price, which we’ll share below.

Their affordable accessory sets in small, medium and large make fantastic stocking stuffers, while “Seth’s Picks” include a range of themed bundles, with timeless and high-quality picks that look like they belong in a gallery. Shopper can also get a free Matchbox Set when they spend over $150 on the site.

Houseplant will also be dropping new colorways of the iconic Gloopy Ashtray and a new take on the Curvy tray, as well as an innovative piece that merges an ashtray with a side table. 

Even if your gift recipient doesn’t partake in cannabis consumption, Rogen has some essentials for music lovers with the Vinyl Lover Set (stay tuned for Volume 2) , which includes the new, super sleek Houseplant record player by Pro-Ject.

Whether you know a cannabis connoisseur or an amateur weed collector, these pieces make a striking addition to any home. Here are our top picks for bundles and gift sets, as well as a few other must-have additions to Houseplant’s product lineup. 

Houseplant Stick Lighter Gift Set

Available in two chic color schemes this gift set includes four booklets of their ultra-thin, rice rolling papers and tips as well as a stick lighter designed by iconic Japanese lighter brand Tsubota, which has been a SPY favorite for years. At a reasonable price point, this classy gift makes a creative stocking stuffer for friends and family.

Houseplant Fliptop Lighter Gift Set

A step up from their Stick Lighter Gift Set, this one includes the same booklets of rolling papers with tips and rather than a stick lighter, features a shorter, flip-top one by the same brand. Like the Stick Lighter Gift Set, it’s available in two shades, and the Orange/Brown has an especially cool retro look. This set comes with four sets of matches with the stylish Houseplant logo adorning the front. 

Houseplant Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is stunning and functional for folks who smoke, making your burning ritual that much better. This bundle includes their statement-making block table lighter in orange, a set of their rolling papers and tips and Seth’s personally designed ashtray set in an elegant, sandy tone. At $33 off, this bundle makes the ultimate gift for a loved one or a gift to yourself.

Courtesy of Houseplant

Houseplant Housewarming Essentials

Dubbed the Housewarming Essentials bundle, this set is filled with glazed stoneware clay pieces that look like they belong in a museum. With an antiqued quality, their timeless yet elevated aesthetics will never go out of style. From the minimalist Ashtray Set in Moss to the matching vase and planter, this set doubles as decor for everyone from stoners to plant parents.

Courtesy of Houseplant

Houseplant Large Striking Match Bundle

The best novelty gift or Secret Santa purchase to bless the smoker in your life, this kit comes with eight packs of “comically large matches”  made of paper and wood to light anything from blunts to candles. With unique new colorways and a reusable, resealable pouch, it’s a playful gift purchase for those on a smaller budget. 

Courtesy of Houseplant

Houseplant Green Curvy Set

With a jade look and rolling shapes, this abstract ashtray and tray set is achieved from a mix of high-grade concrete and mineral pigments. The dips in the ashtray can act as a resting place for cigarettes of any kind, or some Palo Santo. It’s also tall enough to avoid ash spills. A heavy, durable alternative to breakable glass or plastic smoking accessories, this curvy beauty is sure to start a conversation on any surface, and at $40 off, this is the perfect time to grab one. 

Courtesy of Houseplant

Houseplant Green Marble Set

By far the classiest bundle that Houseplant is selling right now, this vintage-inspired set consists of their iconic green marble Ridge Ashtray and Oil Lamp complete with a compartment for your matches. While the lamp can help complement all your late-night sessions, the aluminum Ridge ashtray features ridges to rest cigarettes or joints, a deep ash-catching well and silicone feet to avoid scratching surfaces.  

Courtesy of Houseplant