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This High-Performance Bandana From Inex Gear is the Stylish and Protective Face Covering You Want on Your Face

Face coverings have become as common as watches, purses and smartphones on the streets of most major cities out of necessity and protection against the COVID-19 virus. Many are in search of the face covering that suits them and their lifestyle — in fit, comfort level, breathability and overall look. The last one is the one we’re going to focus on today — if you’re more of a bandana person but want one that’s high-performance like some of the fancy face masks come out these days, we’ve found one you should definitely check out.

The Better Bandana™ from Inex Gear is a bandana face covering built to be protective, with antimicrobial fabric and an embedded filter for keeping you safe while you rock a super chill-guy look. While this bandana may give off a laid back vibe, the construction of it is not. It’s built with their INEXSHIELD nanofiber filtration technology that can help protect against harmful airborne particles.

inex gear bandana

inex gear bandana, face masks

The bandana’s material is made from protective, breathable and antimicrobial INEXSHELL cotton fabric that ‘s about 90% cotton and 10% nanofiber, and has a germ-resistant surface for keeping bacteria at bay. The nanofiber material filters air in and out with your body physically rather than electrostatically, making it easier to breathe for longer periods of time.

The bandana comes in a few different colors and can be hand washed and laid flat to dry for best results. They have a regular version and a v2 that’s available August 17th with an adjustable nose bridge. You can pre-order that one on the Inex Gear website.