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Jaxxon Is Our New Go-To Brand for Guys Looking to Experiment With Jewelry

Guys, if you’ve been wanting to experiment with jewelry but are unsure about adding something shiny to your wardrobe, we’ve got a brand you must check out. We get it, a lot of guys are skeptical of any accessory that doesn’t serve a practical purpose like telling time or protecting your eyes. But jewelry doesn’t have to be intimidating, as long as you know the right place to start. That place is Jaxxon, a sleek men’s jewelry brand that’s caught SPY’s eye.

Jaxxon is an up-and-coming LA-based jewelry label that makes everything from bracelets to rings to earrings, and they’re best known for their chains. Jaxxon makes quality pieces at an approachable price point, and their stuff is stylish and understated making it perfect for guys experimenting with jewelry for the first time. And best of all, they’re offering 15% off when you sign up for text notifications.

Jaxxon’s Specialty: Chains

Chains and necklaces are a surprisingly easy parlay into jewelry. Unlike rings and bracelets, you don’t have to worry as much about size and a chain is unlikely to get in the way like a bracelet could. The other great thing about chains is their versatility; there are a lot of different ways to wear one. Of course, once you have a Jaxxon chain, you’ll likely want to branch out into their bracelets, rings, and even earrings.

If you want to flex, you can layer multiple chains over a black sweater. But a single, thin chain also looks great worn under a white tee or peeking out of a knit polo, creating a subtle statement and elevating even a basic fit. Besides making a wide variety of approachable styles, another reason Jaxxon is a great place to start is the reasonable prices.

Why Jaxxon Is Our New Go-To For Men’s Jewelry

The brand has taken the now-familiar DTC approach to the often closed-off world of fine jewelry, resulting in pieces that cost a lot less than they look. That means that you can invest in jewelry without blowing your budget. That said, if you are looking to invest in a forever piece, Jaxxon also sells solid gold pieces at prices that are more modest than other brands offering solid gold.

Chains vs. Necklaces

When choosing jewelry, it helps to brush up on the lexicon so you can better tell apart pieces that might look similar. For starters, a chain isn’t just a necklace for guys. The difference between the two is that chains typically just consist of links, while necklaces often have pendants or other embellishments. Chains are often thicker, too. As the name suggests, chains also have a linked design. That said, you can add an emblem or pendant to a chain, so it’s best to think of the two categories as having a lot of overlap.

Jaxxon’s Most Popular Designs

One of the most popular styles of chain, and Jaxxon’s best seller, is a 5mm Cuban link chain. Cuban link chains have an interlocking design of evenly-sized links. Another noteworthy style is the Figaro chain, which is a repeating pattern of two to three smaller links joining a larger link. A rope chain has a more rounded design compared to the flat, wide look of a Cuban link.

Courtesy of Jaxon


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The 5mm Cuban Link Chain is Jaxxon’s #1 best-selling style. It’s available in four lengths, with the 22″ being the most popular. The 5mm width is just the right thickness to draw the eye without drawing too much attention. The necklace itself is crafted from pure 925 sterling silver that’s coated three times with 14k gold.


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This Figaro chain from Jaxxon has a more varied design with larger and smaller links combined for an interesting look. It’s made with 925 sterling silver and coated in 14 karat cold.

Courtesy of Jaxxon

More Reasons to Shop With Jaxxon

There are also jewelry styles that have become increasingly popular with men in recent years, such as pearls. Though they’ve historically been thought of as women’s pieces, a pearl necklace can be an adventurous but approachable style for men, too. Jaxxon has several pearl necklaces, as well as pieces that combine chains with pearls.


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This sleek necklace is made with copper, rhodium, Jaxxon’s signature 14 karat gold as well and shell pearls that produce an elegant shine for the wearer. It’s perfect for layering over a sweater or long sleeve for added polish.

The factor that affects the price the most when it comes to jewelry is the material. A solid gold piece will be long lasting, but a lot more expensive. A plated piece gives you the look of real gold, minus the price tag. Jaxxon’s plated necklaces are made with sterling silver that’s coated three times in 14K gold for a durable and longer-lasting piece.

All of Jaxxon’s gold is 14 karat, meaning it’s a mix of 58% gold, with the rest being an alloy. 24K is the purest kind of gold. You might assume that purer gold is better, but that’s not necessarily the case. Since gold is so malleable, pure gold is more delicate. For a piece that gets a lot of contact, like a bracelet or a ring, a higher karat gold piece is more likely to get damaged. For that reason, 14K is the most widely used type of gold and best option when it comes to jewelry.

Now that you’ve got the basic jewelry 101 lesson down, take a look at a few more SPY favorite pieces from Jaxxon’s collection, and don’t forget to take 15% off when you sign up for JAXXON’s text notifications.


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For the more adventurous guy, Jaxxon has branched out into earrings, and this piece consists of gold-bonded sterling silver with a cubic zirconia stone.


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If you’re the type to make a statement, Jaxxon’s iced-out Cuban link chain has a thick 10mm width and is covered in eye-catching cubic zirconia, adding extra shine to this 14K piece.