Refine Your Back Pocket Game With a JIMMYCASE iPhone Wallet Case

jimmycase iphone wallet review
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When you’ve got beefy back pockets, sitting down doesn’t always mean sitting comfortably. And, no, beefy back pockets isn’t a euphemism for anything.. I’m talking about guys who still carry around their smartphone and a loaded wallet at the same time. Yes, both money and tech are necessary for everyday life. But as phones moved from belt clips to pockets, they’ve started to take up way too much pocket real estate.

In 2014, JIMMYCASE decided this pain in the ass was, well, a pain in the ass, and created their unique line of smartphone wallet cases. JIMMYCASE iPhone wallet cases are made with a real wood backing, stretch fabric and a bumper to protect expensive phones while allowing you to simply push up with your thumb to grab cash or cards. SPY previously named this brand’s products the most stylish iPhone wallet cases, and I wanted to provide a more thorough review.

With a holding capacity of up to six cards plus cash, a fully stuffed JIMMYCASE is still thinner than a typical wallet. Not only is this more comfortable in a pocket, but it may even help reduce the risk of hurting your spine. Thick, bulging wallets have been known to trigger sciatica when compressed against the spine. If you sit for long periods of time with a wallet in your back pocket, then you’re setting yourself up for back pain.

Fortunately, combining your wallet and your phone case solves this problem. And since many people these days set their phone in front of them when sitting, you can leave your back pockets completely free — a win-win.

JIMMYCAES iPhone Wallet Case in Orange/Navy Blue Image courtesy of JIMMYCASE

I used to be a wallet and phone guy back in the iPhone 5S days, with each kept in a back pocket of my skinny jeans. On days I didn’t forget my wallet at home, I’d carry around my debit and credit cards, business cards, a commuter pass and my Starbucks Gold Card, among other items I kept hidden away. After sitting down for even two hours at a time at the office, I began to feel discomfort in my lower back. I switched to a card case because it was slimmer and forced me to only carry essentials.

It wasn’t until 2017 that I discovered I could consolidate everything into one single unit with a JIMMYCASE — and I haven’t looked back. Today, I’m on my third case. The brand offers at least a dozen color and print options for each iPhone dating back to the iPhone 5. Newer models even offer different wood options like Maple, Oak and Ebony. I’m a neutral kind of guy, so I opted for the Grey Stripe for my iPhone 8 Plus, pictured below.

JIMMYCASE iPhone Wallet Case in Grey Stripe Image courtesy of JIMMYCASE

In three years of using a JIMMYCASE iPhone wallet case, I’ve found it to be more comfortable and more convenient than having to overload my pockets with an additional wallet. What I appreciate most is that I only need to keep track of one item now and don’t run the risk of forgetting my wallet at home.

“There has to be a downside,” one might say. Astonishingly, I really haven’t found one myself. I’m a gentle smartphone owner, but I drop my phone at least twice per week. The bumper and raised edge have saved my butt (and not just in terms of back pain) by providing idiot-proof protection. The elastic has never stretched out, and I’ve never lost any cards or cash kept in the pocket. The power and volume buttons have always worked correctly and there hasn’t been a single issue with charging or volume.

As a writer, blogger and product reviewer, this is one you need to know about. Ranging from $39-$55 dollars, JIMMYCASE iPhone wallet cases also make an incredible gift for friends, parents, spouses, bosses and just about anybody else who has an iPhone.

JIMMYCASE iPhone Wallet Case in Black Maple Image courtesy of JIMMYCASE

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