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The Best Leather Cigar Cases for Travel

Enjoying a cigar is about embracing the lifestyle, which is being as obsessive about accouterments as the cigars themselves, whether we’re talking about cutters or humidors. But it’s not just about looking cool — those accessories are functional and have a tremendous impact on the quality of the cigar. Cutters ensure a clean cut and an even drag. Humidors keep cigars at an appropriate moisture level to prevent them from deteriorating. If you like to travel with your cigars, then it’s important to invest in a travel case.

Many cigar travel cases have the same benefits of a full-sized humidor but in a smaller and more portable package. Of course, these cases are not intended to be long-term storage. While cigars can be stored in a humidor for years, a portable case is a good way to keep your cigars safe and at the right temperature while traveling or for short periods of time. Many travel cases are lined with cedar, which is the same material that humidors are made out of. Cedar is absorbent, meaning that you can keep your humidor at higher humidities without the wood warping or the cigars getting damp. An added benefit of cedar is that it imparts some woody flavor to the cigars, which many find desirable.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite cigar cases. And, to add a sophisticated edge, we’ve prioritized cases with leather outers. The classy look of leather makes these cases great to carry and even better to gift. These are the leather cigar cases to get.

1. AMANCY Brown Leather Cigar Case

This case from Amancy has a stylish brown synthetic leather exterior. On top of the case is a Hygrometer, to make sure your stogies stay at the appropriate temperature. It can hold up to three 52-ring-gauge cigars.

Pros: Stylish brown PU-leather case. Cedar wood inside.

Cons: Could be more durable.

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2. MEGACRA Cedar Cigar Humidor

Whereas most of the options are simply storage cases, this option actually works as a humidor. It’s a little too large to use as a regular carrying case, but it’s fairly portable for a humidor. It can hold between 10 and 20 cigars, depending on the size. A detachable hygrometer and humidifier are included with the humidor. The case is lined with cedar to preserve the cigars, and the outer is available in synthetic brown or black leather.

Pros: Available in stylish black or brown synthetic leather. Cedar lining.

Cons: No locking mechanism, meaning that the case has to be kept upright.

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3. Mantello Black Leather Cigar Case

If you prefer the sophisticated look of black leather, then consider this case from Mantello. It can hold up to three cigars that are 52-ring gauge. The inside has a thin cedar lining to preserve the cigars. The steel ends of the case lend themselves well to being engraved, although engraving is not offered from this listing. Since the case consists of two parts that slide together, it can accommodate longer cigars by not fully pushing the two caps together.

Pros: Stylish black leather case, steel bottom. Can accommodate large and long cigars.

Cons: No holder for cutters.

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4. LAGUTE Cigar Case Travel

The outside of Lagute’s cigar case is made out of genuine leather, which has been styled to have the look of crocodile leather. The inside of the case is lined with cedar, and there are holes for humidifying the cigars. The outside of the case has a zipper, making this humidor easy to take on the go. The case has slots to hold up to six cigars.

Pros: Small zippered case makes this a good travel humidor. Holds up to six cigars. Includes a humidifier and a dropper.

Cons: Does not include a hygrometer.

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