Lock It To Me: The 5 Best Portable Bag Locks Under $40

Best TSA-friendly bag locks
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* Protect your valuables with these affordable bags
* Every option is TSA compatible
* Add some peace of mind to your travel itinerary 

Luggage theft at airports is more common than you think, and sadly it can turn your dream vacation into a travel disaster. But, you can keep your valuables safe with the handy locks below. All are TSA compatible, which means your bags can be checked by airport officials without damage, helping you travel with a little less stress.

1. Forge Cable Luggage Locks

Forge locks are some of the most durable on the market. This special alloy lock with steel braided cables can take a serious pounding. The cables insert easily through zippers and handles to keep all your valuables secure. Then, you simply flip the switch to set your own personal combination to keep your belongings where they belong.

Forge Cable Luggage Locks Image Courtesy of Amazon

2. Lewis N Clark Triple Security Lock

There are multiple ways to secure your luggage with this sturdy lock from Lewis N. Clark. To increase your security, use the long cable to attach to luggage handles and the shorter cable on zipper pulls. You can also use the cable to join two bags together or to attach a bag to a piece of furniture. The three-digit combination lock is easy to set and reset as needed.

Lewis N Clark Triple Security Lock Image Courtesy of Amazon

3. 4-Digit Combination Steel Padlocks 2-pack

Keep would-be thieves at bay with these four-digit combination locks. On average it would take someone over an hour and a half to try the 10,000 combinations to open this lock. We’re pretty confident that would be long enough to deter anyone. Not only are these locks great for luggage, they’re also perfect on cabinets, lockers and cases. These make ideal gifts for travelers and college students.

4-Digit Combination Steel Padlocks 2-pack Image Courtesy of Amazon

4. Tarriss TSA Cable Locks, 2 Pack

Give yourself some peace of mind with these Tarriss TSA Cable Locks. The SearchAlert indicator automatically switches from green to red to let you know if the TSA has rummaged through your bags. These locks are especially good for older travelers due to their flexible cables that slide gently through handles, their larger combination numbers, and the extra handy easy push-button lock release.

Tarriss TSA Cable Locks, 2 Pack Image Courtesy of Amazon

5. Sure Lock Travel Luggage Lock

The Sure Lock takes a beating and defeats stealing. Made of tough alloy steel, this is one of the most industrial strength locks around. Easy-to-read dials, an inspection indicator and rust-free locking mechanisms make this lock a must-have for any traveler.

Sure Lock Travel Luggage Lock Image Courtesy of Amazon

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