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Men Are Embracing Earrings Like Never Before – See 13 Stylish Earrings for Men To Wear in 2022

More than any time in recent memory, we are seeing men champion self-expression and individuality through their use of jewelry and accessories — with earrings being in the forefront. Previously, we’ve seen men’s jewelry like bracelets and necklaces become common accessories, but earrings for men are definitely having a moment, and men are getting piercings like never before.

What society has traditionally considered an anomaly is now becoming the norm. In the not-so-distant past, it was considered taboo for men to wear clothing or accessories traditionally seen as “for women”, yet this notion is slowly fading into obscurity. Some of Hollywood’s most eminent figures such as Harry Styles have embraced more gender-neutral fashion, and even more old-school celebrities such as Colin Farrell and Michael Jordan are walking proof you can’t put a gender on earrings.

The best earrings for men come in a ton of different styles. With a myriad of design types to choose from — dangly earrings, hoops, novelty, studs, etc. — men have more ways than ever to express themselves through fashion. To help you be a little bit more adventurous with your personal style, we’ve curated a list of jewelry brands that will heat up your earring collection.

Keep reading to see some of the most stylish earrings for men to wear in 2022.


1. Dangle Earrings for Men

Of all the popular styles of earrings for men, none are more popular than dangle earrings. We’ve previously written about the surprising history behind dangle earrings, and if you’re interested in trying out this look for yourself, then check out this starter set available via Amazon Prime. It comes with many popular earrings — crosses, feathers, bars — and lets you experiment with different looks.

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Courtesy of Amazon

2. ASOS Hoop Earring with Blue Enamel

ASOS has a wide assortment of men’s earrings at a budget-friendly amount that can serve as statement pieces. This blue enamel earring has a thick band for its hoop design in gold tone and will undoubtedly complete your fit for the day.

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Courtesy of ASOS


3. ALLSAINTS Men’s Shark Tooth Charm Single Hoop Earring

British retailer ALLSAINTS have also got in on the fun of constructing men’s earrings. If you looking to ante up your style, sport a shark tooth charm earring. Why not, right? Right.

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Courtesy of Bloomingdales


4. STUDS Mini CZ Stud Earrings


Studs and their popular piercing parlors desire to take you on an “earscape” with dozens of on-trend jewels to pick from, leaving you wanting to fill up your entire ear. At a great price point, these durable stud earrings have a 14K gold external with internal brass and cubic zirconia details.

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Courtesy of Studs


5. Vivienne Westwood Adel Single Stud

In replication of an actual bolt with the Vivienne Westwood orbit emblem on the front, this silver brass stud earring derives influence from the punk-rock era. In addition, this clever design is paired with a screw-shape fastening.

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Courtesy of Vivienne Westwood


6. Maria Black Miran Apple Men’s Earring

The details on this men’s earring by Maria Black are endless. Starting with the contemporary spin on its baroque pearl, hand mixed in a clear-colored resin. The textured design is bold and refined. The dangle component generates an edge. A wearable piece of art.

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Courtesy of Maria Black


7. COMPLETEDWORKS Flow Pearl Sterling Silver Earring

Pearls have a new best friend — and it’s no longer girls. Now, men are embracing the timeless gem with flair. Pearls may still be chiefly marketed to the opposite sex, but celebs like Justin Bieber have shown how pearls can be incorporated into men’s fashion as well. COMPLETEDWORKS designed this men’s earring by hand, which features a curl-shaped hoop and a freshwater pearl in an elegant drop-style.

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Courtesy of MatchesFashion


8. Vitaly Thorn Men’s Earring

All jewelry accessories including men’s earrings, necklaces and bracelets from Toronto-based company Vitaly are made from 100% recycled stainless steel — remarkably containing remnants of machines, skyscrapers or car parts. The men’s earrings pictured below are reminiscent of barbed-wire fences, and they come in gold and silver color options.

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Courtesy of Vitaly


9. Circle. M – Silver Earrings

Drawing inspiration from the eco-town architecture in her native country, Portuguese designer Sofia Esquivel sustainably produced these circular pieces with elements made out of food waste. The contrast between both sides of the earring itself, makes them worth every dollar.

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Courtesy of Wolf & Badger


10. Bernard James Mirror Hoop Micro Earrings

Hoop earrings are so simple, but can say so much when the right man is wearing them. They offer an edgy-aesthetic and instantly convey confidence and boldness. Brooklyn-based fine jewelry designer Bernard James uses a high level of craftsmanship and handwork to make each of his pieces unique. The collection’s mirror silver micro hoop earrings are reflective and adhere to the brand’s mission to “redefine luxury” for the new generation.

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Courtesy of Bernard James


11. Chic & Artsy Jewelry Safety Pin Earrings

In representing rebellion but also standing in solidarity peace against the status quo, these silver sterling safety pin earrings speak volumes.

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Courtesy of Amazon


12. Maria Black Rai Left Ear Cuff

The only prerequisite to wearing earrings is having your ears pierced. Or not, necessarily. Are you fearful of needles? Have reservations about expressing yourself by wearing men’s earrings? Well, there are always ear cuffs that wrap around and don’t require a professional to puncture your lobes.

Maria Black created this cool sterling silver ear cuff with clean lines and the idea for it to coincide with any mood you’re experiencing. It’s the perfect alternative for a piercing and made specifically to be displayed on the left ear. You can stack them alongside other ear cuffs or combine with more earrings for a bolder look.

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Courtesy of Maria Black


13. PEARL OCTOPUSS.Y Silver & Black Diamond Ear Cuff

Again, if you’re interested in substituting pain in lieu of getting an earring piercing, the options of ear accessories are unlimited. While the brand name may cause you to pause for a second, it doesn’t take away from the inventiveness applied to their jewelry pieces such as this ear cuff featuring silver plated rondelle crystals and black glass rocaille beads. Sold in singles, Pearl Octopuss.y handcrafted the piece on a 925 Silver Sterling base.

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