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Show Me the Pearl: Here Are the Best Pearl Jewelry Staples for Men This Summer

Pearls aren’t just for girls, boys. It’s 2021. You can wear whatever you want now, haven’t you heard? That’s why men’s pearl jewelry is all the rave this summer.

Dressing for your gender is so 2000 and late. Strutting around town in the best unisex clothing and jewelry is exactly how we’re starting our post-quarantine glow-up. Painted nails? Hell yeah. Crop tops for men? You know it. Men’s pearl jewelry? We thought you’d never ask. It’s time to show off the pearl, guys.

Pearls are some of the most deemed-feminine stones on the planet. Their luster and creamy approach really place them in a category that feels prim and proper. Something that sits in the jewelry box of a fine older woman. Now, we’re reimagining the almost royal look to make pearls feel tangibly ours. Whether you’re the type of guy doing tequila shots at the bar in an open Hawaiian shirt or the kind of guy that comes best dressed to the dinner party, men’s pearl jewelry will complete your look no matter how you’re dressing.

Unlike pearls for women, men’s pearl jewelry is completely versatile. Given the stone is so new in men’s fashion, it only makes sense that we as guys can choose how we’d like to wear it. Clad on your finger, draped around your chest or dangling from your ear, men’s pearl jewelry can effortlessly match whatever else you’ve got on — casual or formal.

If you’re looking to change the game this summer and up your fashion sense a couple of notches, you’re going to want to check out some of the best men’s jewelry below. From real pearls for feelin’ fancy to cheap pearl-like alternatives you won’t feel bad breaking, here are the top men’s pearl jewelry picks for the year.

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1. PATTARAPHAN Valen Pearl Necklace


As one of the coolest pearl necklaces for men that money can buy, PATTARAPHAN’s Valen Pearl Necklace will sit on your neck to make you one of the most handsome looking guys in the room. It’s got a charm to it like no other, boasting various pearls in the forefront with a plated sterling silver chain in the back. Each pearl is unique, meaning they might vary in shape and size — but isn’t that what makes pearls so special to begin with? Consider us obsessed.

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2. UO Pearl Necklace


While these pearls aren’t necessarily, well, real, this necklace from Urban Outfitters is a nice faux alternative to the classic pearl look. On this chain, you’ll find numerous plastic beads that replicate the classic pearl — and to be honest, these beads do it pretty well. Unlike classic pearls, these will all be the same size and won’t vary in shape. It closes with a lobster clasp and is available at a pretty affordable price.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


3. Angara Tahitian Pearl Solitaire Bypass Ring


Not every piece of men’s pearl jewelry needs to come in the form of a necklace, just check out this striking Tahitian pearl ring from Angara. Each ring is fully customizable and features a real Tahitian black pearl at its center. You can choose from gold, silver, rose gold and white gold metal types to match and there are also tons of ring sizes available for you to choose from. The luster and sheen on each black pearl make these sea stones a force to be reckoned with, proving that maybe diamonds aren’t forever. Pearls are.

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Courtesy of Angara


4. ASOS DESIGN Sterling Silver Gold Plated Pearl Ring


Alright, while this isn’t the most real looking faux pearl ring on the planet, it’s still a dapper one. This open-ended band places two faux pearls at the end of gold-plated sterling silver to provide a new take on the classic pearl ring look. It’s only $16 which is great for any budget and will up your look tremendously. We suggest that you take this off when washing your hands or sanitizing because ASOS is more or less known for having its plating come off over time. Nonetheless, it’s still a great option to consider.

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Courtesy of ASOS


5. Mejuri Organic Pearl Hoops


Dangly earrings for men have been a staple in men’s fashion for years at this point. Whether you’re thanking TikTok e-boys or Sir Walter Raleigh for the popular look, dangle earrings for men are here to stay and we’re happy as hell about it. With that said, check out these peal hoops from Mejuri. Although they’re geared towards women, we love these dangle earrings for how well they pair the hoop look with the classic pearl so well. Wear one or two, it’s up to you.

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Courtesy of Mejuri


6. Urban Outfitters Freshwater Pearl Bracelet


Made with freshwater pearl beads, this handsomely funky bracelet is a great way to rock pearls on your wrist. It has a metal clasp closure and an extender chain for tons of wrist sizes to fit just about anybody who buys it. Avoid contact with water so you don’t damage the bracelet. Pair it with just about anything you want to and you’ll have a look everyone will be geeking over.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


7. Shop Gemini Jewels 18K Gold Plated “Fun Flirt” Pearl Necklace


Ready to take your pearl look to an even more out-there level? Check out the “Fun Flirt” pearl necklace from Etsy. It’s got a similar look to those friendship bracelets you and your pals used to throw together as kids. Just, you know, with pearls on them. A new classic. Although these eclectic necklaces clearly won’t be for every kind of guy, we suggest you rock ’em if you’re willing to take your look to the next level.

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Courtesy of Etsy