The Best Mini Tripods Help Get The Perfect Shot and Fit in Any Bag

peak design mini tripod
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Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a pro, a mini tripod can prove an essential and portable piece of equipment to get the ultimate shot. Do you frequently miss out on photo ops because you’re always the photographer? With the help of a tripod, this is no longer an issue. The best mini tripods can be placed on the floor or a tabletop — many of them even have bendable legs that can be wrapped around anything.

Finding the best mini tripod for your needs will depend on a few factors. Some are designed specifically for smartphones, while others will work with cameras. A multifunctional one that does both will offer the most versatility, but you can also purchase a smartphone clamp to make camera-only models more versatile. Bendable legs can help with adventure photography or finding the perfect angle, while more rigid three-legged tripods can provide added stability. Be sure to check the weight limit of each model before buying.

The main benefit of a mini tripod is that it can be used anywhere without being heavy or taking up too much space — many of them even fit in a camera bag. The prices are also more affordable than full-sized alternatives, making them a great choice for beginners. Read on to learn more about the right mini tripod for your needs.

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1. Ubeesize Mini Tripod


This flexible mini tripod works with phones and cameras and even has a wireless remote. Made from sturdy metal and rubber, it has a ball head that works with digital cameras and smartphones. The bendable octopus-style metal legs are covered with foam and built to last. Plus, thanks to the wireless remote, you can take shots from up to 30 feet — we’re talking selfies, more stable videos and group shots.

Ubeesize Mini Tripod Courtesy of Amazon

2. Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod


One of the most reliable mini tripod brands out there, Italian brand Manfrotto never slacks on quality, and it shows in this desktop tripod. It’s also affordable at just over $20 and packs down to a slim and compact size. With a push-button locking mechanism, it’s not only lightweight but easy to set up. While it might not support heavier setups, for most people, it’ll be a go-to essential with a range of positioning options.

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Courtesy of Amazon

3. NexiGo Mini Tripod


With tons of five-star reviews, it’s safe to say that you won’t be disappointed with this tiny tripod, which features durable aluminum legs that bend. Whether you need it to wrap around a fence post or a tree branch, this anti-slip stand has a 360-degree adjustable ball joint. At just half a pound, it’s one of the most portable options out there. Customers love how easy it is to attach various items and assure us this mini tripod is as sturdy as it is bendy.

NexiGo Mini Tripod Courtesy of Amazon


4. BAIFAK Mini Tripod


With a three-way tilt head, this aluminum and ABS stand is perfect for DSLR cameras. Whether you’re shooting from a tabletop or down on the ground for that perfect low-angle shot, this tripod by BAIFAK is a top choice. One buyer says, “As an added bonus you get a device that mounts to the tripod AND has a spring-loaded clip that can hold a smartphone up to 3.5 inches wide!”

BAIFAK Mini Tripod Courtesy of Amazon

5. Sensyne Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick


This two-in-one device with an adjustable height can help extend your reach and get better pictures in more than one way, making it a handy tech accessory. It extends 62 inches, meaning that when you use it as a tripod, you have much greater control of your desired angle.

Sensyne Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick Courtesy of Amazon

6. MamaWin Mini Tripod


At just over $10, there’s not much to lose when you invest in Mama Win’s lightweight mini tripod for phones, webcams and more. It fully rotates and works great with webcams, while rubber feet keep the device still. If you need a basic model that’s affordable but not flimsy, check this out. It’ll save you hundreds on webcam accessories while staying steady and stable. If you’re looking for a tall adjustable height, this one only extends less than 10 inches.

MamaWin Mini Tripod Courtesy of Amazon

7. Peak Design Mobile Tripod


This sleek mobile mini tripod is all about minimalism. It’s compact, stylish and incredibly convenient, working with any MagSafe phone or case. It packs down to only half a centimeter, making it pocket friendly. Plus, the ultra-strong Magsafe-compatible magnets snap to the back of your phone, and even the ball tension can be adjusted with a magnetically integrated tuning key.

MamaWin Mini Tripod Courtesy of Huckberry

8. JOBY Griptight One GorillaPod Stand


Known for its toughness, this stainless steel piece of gear is a must-have if durability is your concern and you’re looking for the best mini tripod for phones. JOBY accessories are built to last, and while they are flexible, they remain tight, keeping your precious phone safe. It can wrap around practically anything, letting you mount your phone from virtually anywhere. The JOBY Griptight One GP Stand only works with smartphones.

JOBY Griptight One GorillaPod Stand Courtesy of Target

9. Manfrotto MP3-BK Large Pocket Support


One of the tiniest tripods, this pocket support folds to an ultra-slim size and can even be left on a camera, making it great for documenting your travels. If you want the smallest option out there that you can leave on a camera without the hassle of attaching and removing it, this is it. It does require a coin to tighten the screw.

Manfrotto MP3-BK Large Pocket Support Courtesy of Amazon

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