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Carrying Compartments: The 3 Best Modular Backpacks for Adaptable Storage

* Modular backpacks handle the adventurous as well as the mundane
* Room for laptops, tablets and more
* Configurable designs so you can travel light when you don’t need all your stuff

Gear bags should be as versatile as you are. If you like to travel both light and prepared, or if you occasionally need an everyday carry bag that accommodates photo and video gear, a laptop, headphones and a midi controller or just about anything else a modern man could think of, these expandable, modular backpacks may be your ticket.

1. Thule Subterra Backpack

This Thule backpack is an everyday pack that can double as a travel bag thanks to its modular, expandable clothing organizer. It also features a charging cord organizer and a padded laptop compartment that accommodates up to a 15” laptop.

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2. Falcon II Modular Backpack

Made with multiple independent zippered and expandable compartments, this modular backpack from Maxpedition is an excellent double duty pack, able to expand to carry up to 6 liters of water in two separate reservoirs. It works as camping and outdoor adventure gear and can also serve as a day pack when traveling in civilization.

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3. High Sierra Backpack

Billed as a travel/hiking backpack, this modular pack features a multi-compartment design and is large enough to work as a weekend bag whether you’re going on a road trip or hiking in the mountains. A number of thoughtful everyday features contribute to its utility as a work or day pack, too. It has a key fob hook, a tech sleeve for holding a tablet or laptop, and an organizer compartment with room for a phone, headphones and other mobile tech gear.

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