The Best Necklaces for Men That Are All About Style, Ranked By Price

best necklaces for men

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Hey, fellas. Look down. Now, if you don’t see a necklace hanging from your neck, let’s change that.

Necklaces for men are a great way to show off personality and style. Similar to stellar bracelets for men, signet rings, and other jewelry pieces for men, any guy can pull off whatever kind of jewelry they like, as long as it’s worn with confidence. There are many types of necklaces for men to choose from that speak to individual style and taste, ranging from:

  • Chain necklaces
  • Gem pendant necklaces
  • Designer picks
  • Unique necklaces
  • Timeless Staples

It’s always important to remember that whether you’re wearing a necklace over your shirt or layering a few under your shirt, just be sure to avoid layering more than two necklaces at a time, as any more would give the appearance that you’re a pirate of the Caribbean. With all that out of the way, check out the following selects that would win the best necklaces for men category every time.


1. ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Silver Rope Chain


A rope chain is a timelessly simple accessory that can accompany any style from street to formal. So, ASOS is coming out of the gate with a rope chain necklace for men that boasts a vintage silver finish to give it a bit of a unique edge. Plus, the price tag makes it an absolute steal. Go ahead and grab two. Don’t be afraid to layer!

silver rope chain for men Image courtesy of ASOS


2. Handmade Stainless Steel Necklace with Triangle Pendant


The triangle pendant has been a popular choice in men’s necklaces for the past few years, and for good reason. They symbolize a few different things depending on your religion, but they also represent balance and serenity. This sharp-looking triangle pendant steps it up by stacking two triangles on top of one another and also features a striking black marbled stone in the center.

silver triangle pendant with black stone insert Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Cape Clasp Shark Fin Necklace


Nautical-inspired jewelry pieces, such as anchors, fish hooks and captain compass pendants, and even authentic shark tooth necklaces, are a really popular option when it comes to jewelry for men. However, this bronze shark fin on a black adjustable cord provides a unique spin on the nautical fashion trend and keeps the summer vibes going all year-round. But the best part about this piece is that a percentage of every Cape Clasp sale supports ocean and marine nonprofits. Feel good about the jewelry you’re wearing.

bronze shark fin necklace Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Air & Anchor Round Link Chain Necklace


For guys who might be searching for a chain necklace that has just a little something extra: meet the Air & Anchor Necklace. The traditional chain necklace is available in shades of yellow gold or silver, but it’s the oversized circle clasp in a complementary metal tone that makes this piece stand out. The clasp can be worn on the back of the neck, or it can also sit on the chest. The brand also has a variety of pendants that can be attached to the clasp at your discretion.

sterling silver chain necklace with bronze cuff latch Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Mariner Chain Necklace


If you’re being wise on the wallet but want a solid basic chain, then this piece is the answer. The sterling silver chain measures 18 inches in length. So, it’ll rest right around the collar bone. Available in gold or silver, it’s a cleanly crafted staple piece that you (and your wallet) will love.

gold chain necklace for men Image courtesy Urban Outfitters


6. Claudia by Design 14k Gold Chain


Chain necklaces never go out of style. And we truly can’t repeat that enough. They’ve been a popular choice when it comes to men’s necklaces for decades. This handsome 14k gold chain speaks to that very timeless chain necklace that could be worn for years down the road. The Claudia features an alternating pattern of long links and short links to spice it up with a touch of variety.

14k gold chain necklace for men Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Degs and Sal Sterling Silver Dotted Dog Tag Necklace


The NYC-based company Degs and Sal found a way to change-up the ever-trendy dog tag. As the product description states, “The dotted or perforated texture is symbolized as “imperfection” to remind ourselves throughout life that nobody is perfect and to forgive easily.” And not only does the necklace have a great meaning behind it, but the company also gives you several options when it comes to adding this piece to your wardrobe. The chain is available in 24 or 27 inches, depending on how low you want the dog tag to sit. And for 35% off, you can just purchase the tag if you already have the chain to match.

sterling silver dog tag necklace for men Image courtesy of Degs and Sal


8. Bulova Men’s Tiger’s Eye Pendant


There’s something sexy and masculine about the tiger’s eye gemstone that makes it the perfect pendant on necklaces for men. The gem here is cut in an oblong shape with rounded edges and features a polish that gives it a near-mahogany appearance. To top it all off, the silver chain necklace also includes a gold charm that bears the Bulova emblem.

men's tiger's eye pendant necklace with silver chain Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Alexander McQueen Gunmetal Necklace


The luxury British fashion house of Alexander McQueen always comes to the table with eye-catching pieces. This sleek gunmetal-tone chain dons a uniquely designed pendant that’s crafted to resemble an ore mined directly from the Earth’s crust. The necklace is topped off with McQueen’s signature touch, a skull charm, attached directly at the end of the clasp.

gunmetal necklace with unique pendant Image courtesy of Mr. Porter


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