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From Bar to Beach and Back, These Negroni Smoking Slippers Should Be Your Summer Kicks

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The occasional spring weather tease must have you looking at your heavy boots with one thought in mind: I cannot wait to ditch you and put on something light and comfortable. Fear not, early spring’s last gasps of cold are definitely on their way out, and you’ll be in lighter shoes soon enough.

But what kind? Your old reliable low-cut canvas sneakers? Maybe a pair of open-toed sandals? Those old (say it isn’t so) rubber clogs named after a certain large reptile?

Let us offer you a better option: these Negroni Smoking Slippers from Soludos. Super-comfortable, lightweight, and eye-catching, these could easily become your go-to shoes for the summer.

We love the cool retro design: a cocktail shaker on one foot, a yummy Negroni on the other. You can practically smell the orange-peel garnish. Even the heel has the embroidered salute to cool drinks for hot weather.

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Courtesy of Soludos Courtesy of Soludos

The other thing you’ll really love about the Negroni Smoking Slippers, especially as the warm weather grinds into the humid dog days of August, is how breathable they are. Your summer-shoe history is likely a graveyard of devastated canvas sneakers, leather loafers or docksiders, and other nose-searing footwear rendered toxic by the funk of your suffocated feet. That’s because they’re not breathable. The stank level of a breathable lightweight slipper? Way lower.

The name’s a little deceiving, though. They’re not exclusively slippers, although they’d serve quite nicely as loungewear around the house. These are good to go outdoors, on sidewalks, outside on the lawn, or out on the beach. One other note — remember the line from Gremlins and don’t let them get too wet. Soludos will last longer if you keep them dry.

Soludos, founded in the Soho district of Manhattan in 2010, has a deep lineup of cool shoes and accessories for both men and women. Check out the Dry Martini and Beer & Shot smoking slippers, and for those who prefer to keep their feet on the wagon, the plain suede model. All designed for casual comfort, style and ease, and leisurely days.

One pair of $75 Soludos, with the keep-it-dry advice mostly heeded, should get you through a fun summer. They’ll keep you light on your toes, and keep those toes breathing and comfortable from the beach to the bar.


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