Is the New Blundstone Boot Collection Too Fancy?

Blundstone Lug Sole Boot New Blundstone
Courtesy of Blundstone

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Blundstone. The name itself conjures up a rush of images. Hikers gamboling through the countryside. Tasmanian farmers and cattle ranchers going about their day in the iconic boots. Hipsters taking over coffee shop tables for hours. Paul Rudd, David Beckham, Elliot Page and even Kate Middleton all own a pair of these Chelsea boots.

Now, for the first time in over 150 years, Blundstone has tinkered with its iconic design and made them… fashionable? Their new lug soled boot’s top has the same rounded toe, same jodhpur-ish riding style silhouette — for non-horseback riders, that means the Chelsea silhouette — but the lug sole is a whoosh of modernity that somehow calls to mind the futuristic viewpoint of Balenciaga footwear.

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Blundstone new lug sole boot in black new blundstone boot collection Courtesy of Blundstone

Is this a bad thing? Yes and no. This new lug sole boot has the same comfort arch footbed with XRD tech that absorbs shock in both the arch and the heel. It’s Bluestone’s go-to tech for both their work and regular footwear. Wearing the boots, you can walk for miles, and your feet won’t hate you.

Blundstone new lug sole boot collection blundstone chelsea boot Courtesy of Blundstone

The new lug sole is designed like a sturdy jeep; you can take it out any season. It comes in black, rustic brown and rustic black. The leather is like the leather in Blundstone’s other boots: made from premium water-resistant leather that can handle a muddy field or city street.

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Blundstone Lug Chelsea Boot Rustic Brown

Blundstone new lug sole boot collection blundstone chelsea boot Courtesy of Blundstone

So…the lug sole. Visually, it swoops in waves on the side as if in perpetual motion. It’s a bit of eye candy, a flourish, an embellishment. The undercarriage has the exact grip, the same no-slip outsole that makes walking a breeze, even climbing a mountain. In a press release, Joe Cafora, Blundstone’s Global and Ancillaries Manager, said, “The lug boot collection is where our signature lifestyle designs intersect with the latest styles of footwear.”

And that they do. The chunky rubber sole doesn’t detract from the classic design. It doesn’t overpower it. Nor does it make it too fancy-schmancy to get down and dirty when wearing them.

If you’re a traditionalist who hates it when your favorite brand introduces a new color or cut, stay away from these boots and their slightly trendy design. If you like a well-made boot with a bit of fashion spark, add them to your collection of sturdy boots that last.

Blundstone new lug sole boot collection blundstone chelsea boot Courtesy of Blundstone

Blundstone new lug sole boot collection bundstone boot Courtesy of Blundstone

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