Take Note, Guys: Skagen’s New Aaren Ombre Watches Are the Perfect Gift For Her This Holiday Season

skagen ombre watches limited edition
Courtesy of Skagen

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A watch that visually mimics the sun’s daily travel across the sky. It sounds poetic and super cool, right? Skagen, a Danish watch brand that specializes in affordable and stylish timepieces, has done just that. The brand captures that celestial light show in a new limited edition line of Skagen ombre watches, using their classic Aaren silicone watches. The result echoes the utter coolness of Danish fashion (their street style is INSANE) with the glory that is Denmark’s land and sea.

For guys looking to get a head start on their holiday shopping, these stylish watches make perfect Christmas gifts for her. If you need to buy a gift for your girlfriend, wife or mom this year, then you can’t go wrong with these absolutely gorgeous ombre watches.

We’ve always been fans of Skagen’s colorful silicone watches for men, as they make great gifts and look great on your wrist. So we were excited to hear about this limited-edition women’s watch released on October 5, just in time for early holiday shopping. Each watch in Skagen’s Aaren Ombre Watches Collection has a distinct and unique personality. The blue ombre watch reflects the serene cool hues of dusk. The two-tone orange and pink ombre shaded watch has colors as vibrant as a sunset. The last watch in the trio, the pink and blue ombre watch, perfectly captures the vivid tones of twilight.

One of the most interesting things about this collection is that each watch is different and distinctive; none of them look exactly alike. It’s as if you’re purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece of art to. So, why not give that special someone a watch that’s as original as she is?

skagen ombre watches Courtesy of Skagen

Each Skagen Aaren ombre watch has a 36mm watch face and has white numbers and hands. Like other watches in the Aaren line, these watches have three-hand movement, a silicone band and are made with Swiss watch parts. Lightweight and exquisitely made, they’re featherlight on your wrist. Every Skagen watch comes with a two-year international warranty that covers the internal movement, hands and dial.

Skagen’s watches are priced under $300, and to have a solid warranty like that is astounding. Speaking of prices, the Skagen limited edition Aaren ombre watches are only $115, a steal for a stylish timepiece from a popular designer.

skagen ombre watch Courtesy of Skagen

The limited-edition Skagen Aaren ombre watches would look snazzy peeping out from the sleeve of a denim jacket, hoodie, or long-sleeve dress.

Skagen is named after a beachside town known for its dazzling light and views of the beach. Skagen has won two Red Dot Awards for their innovative designs, and the brand’s watches are sleekly designed and are cutting edge modern. And unlike other brands, when Skagen creates a limited edition collection, they mean it. Once the watches are gone, they’re gone.

skagen ombre watches Courtesy of Skagen