Working out or Running Errands, Nixon’s Flipside Face Mask Remains Comfortable and Effective

Nixon flipside face mask in camo
Courtesy of Nixon
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We’ve been wearing face masks for almost a year now, and if anything, this experience has taught us what we like and what we don’t like in a face mask. Is there such a thing as a perfect face mask? Is there a best face mask hiding out there? One that can be worn comfortably when working out, and doesn’t feel confining or annoying when running errands? And while it may feel that the ideal lightweight face mask is too good to be true, some people have been busy trying to make it happen. Those people are the designers at Nixon, and personally, I think they’ve come up with a winner.

Nixon flipside face mask cherry blossom Courtesy of Nixon

Nixon Flipside Face Mask – Cherry Blossom



How Does Nixon’s Flipside Face Mask Fit?

The Nixon Flipside Face Mask is different from all the other masks in the marketplace due to its unique design. The mask is threaded through a long loop of fabric that rests along the back of the neck. This alone could make it the best face mask made because it’s got a standout fit. This loop makes it easy to adjust the face mask around the ears, nose and face. Because the mask hangs on the loop, all you need to do is make a couple of tweaks to it, and voila! It’s a bespoke-fitting mask. Seriously, depending upon how you move up or down the loop, the mask will sit exactly where it needs to without mashing down your nose. There’s also an adjustable nose bridge that doesn’t slide around or vanishes when the mask is tossed in the wash — yes, you’re supposed to hand wash the mask, but sometimes a person can forget that (I speak from personal experience).

Nixon Flipside Face Mask in black Courtesy of Nixon

A Versatile Face Mask For Daily Life

When you don’t need to wear the mask, it’s easy to gently pull down and it rests on your chest, much like a bandana. This could be the best face mask for working out because when you need to hydrate, slipping the mask down for a quick sip and then back up is effortless. Other masks can twist themselves around or fall off when you move them down while working out to grab some water or nibble on something, but this face mask automatically drops to the base of your neck when you remove it from your face.

nixon-flipside-face-mask-in-camo-tiger Courtesy of Nixon

The Nixon Flipside Face Mask also solves another huge face mask issue; what to do with the damn thing when you’re out for dinner. Used to be that you’d stuff your face mask in a pocket (it could fall out) or loop it around your wrist when you’re seated at a restaurant or any place where you don’t have to have it on. One of the issues with looping the face mask around your wrist when you’re near food is that the dangling mask can end up in your plate. Because Nixon’s face mask has that magical loop, your face mask won’t end up in your burger. Oh, and did we mention the price? At $15 a mask, you can go ahead and order that second beer.

Nixon’s Flipside Face Mask has two layers and is reversible. You can wear the tiger camo or cherry blossom print one day, and then (after washing) flip it to the solid black side. Made from a cotton/poly/spandex fabric, the mask feels like it’s floating over your face.

The pandemic may be crawling to a close but face masks are still very much a part of our daily lives. If you’ve spent the past year looking for the best face mask for everyday life, you can end your search here.

Nixon Flipside Face Mask – Tiger Camo



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