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These Off-White AirPod Cases Will Have Your Go-To Earbuds Dripping in Swag

Calling all streetwear fanatics: how far are you willing to take your drip? Are we talking head to toe? Are your socks designer? Hell, what about your underwear?

Streetgeeks everywhere know how important it is to maintain the aesthetic from the sky to the floor. Your best t-shirts, sunglasses, hats, sweatshirts, jeans, sneaks — all need to be perfectly curated in order to fit the look you’re going for. One botched accessory can easily throw off the entire vibe of an outfit, so it’s important that everything finessed to the extreme. And, yeah, that includes accessories that go as far as lanyards, phone cases and AirPod covers.

When searching for the best airpod cases to match each day’s look, you’re going to want something low-key so it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard, yet attention-grabby for those who can recognize a proper boast. This is where Off-White AirPod cases come into play, and, no, we’re not talking about the color.

Off-White is designer Virgil Abloh’s streetwear brand. With his own personal fashion label, the former Louis Vuitton designer is embracing the “now” in more of a sophisticated manner. In terms of modern fashion brands, they hit a nice middle ground, reaching stability between eccentricity and mundane. They don’t use too many outlandish colors, and when they do, it’s typically for accent purposes. Plus, Off-White AirPods cases are some of the fashion label’s most affordable accessories.

Because their color palette is typically on the more toned-down side, Off-White makes the perfect designer AirPod cases for modern clout seekers. But, we have to keep it real with you: Off-White AirPod cases aren’t always the easiest to find.

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Off-White AirPod cases tend to sell out quickly, and only a select few retailers carry Off-White cases. When they’re in stock, you can find them for sale on Off-White’s official website, but even that is sometimes a bust. Amazon? Forget about it. They simply don’t exist there. You’ll have occasional luck at Neiman Marcus, Farfetch and SSENSE, but even then you might miss out.

You might be thinking, why go through all of the trouble for Off-White AirPod cases? Well, to put it quite frankly, they’re pretty sick. They have a drip unlike any other AirPod case and an aesthetic that itches that scratch we can’t reach.

Currently, we were only able to find three Off-White AirPod cases available for sale online. It’s not us, it’s them, so don’t shoot the messenger. Check them out below.

1. Off-White Striped Airpods Pro Case

You see what we mean when we say Off-White is low-key yet attention-grabby? This solid black silicone Off-White AirPod Pro case is exactly what we’re looking for in a street-ready AirPod case. It features a black-all-over color with diagonal white and black stripes formed into the shape of a rectangle on the side for an added eye-catching boost. Hanging off the side is a detachable yellow logo lanyard which you can keep sticking out of your pocket to up your outfit a little bit. It’s simple yet good-looking, and you can’t beat that.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman


2. Off-White Diagonals AirPods Case

Silicone ain’t your vibe? Drip harder with the Off-White Diagonals AirPod case clad in black leather from start to finish. Yeah, it doesn’t just stop at the case itself — that strap is leather, too. Similar to the design shown prior, this case has a diagonal black and white striped box in the forefront. Instead of a yellow strap, there is a leather all-black strap with white lettering. Keep in mind that this case won’t fit your AirPods Pro, just the older version.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Off-White


3. Off-White Burrow AirPods Keychain Case

Nothing’s cooler than a keychain. A hanging chain from your belt loop is an aesthetic that’s definitely more goth-centric and old school, but we know you can bring it back this summer with ease. The case has an open design, so you’ll be able to see some of your actual AirPods when its inside. It’s completely leather and ditches the diagonal stripe design in both of our prior picks. Instead, this one exudes the cleanest look of them all.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of SSENSE