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With the Help of Pangaia, Timberland’s Iconic Silhouette Receives Colorful Revamp

To coincide with the winter season, Timberland is joining forces with contemporary streetwear brand, Pangaia for an all-new footwear capsule collection. Their collaborative debut mixes pops of color and sustainability across Timberland’s most iconic silhouette.

Designed with nature in mind, the classic six-inch boot is being reimagined using premium fabric and renewable materials (which consists of abaca plant fiber, organically-grown cotton, and responsibly-grown rubber), adorned by a triple-threat of vibrant hues. Timberland’s signature “Wheat” tint leads the new pack of colorways, which arrives in a single-tone finish, followed by “Galaxy Pink” and “Palm Green” reiterations, creating a bolder look for the year’s coldest season.

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Rounding out the revitalized four-piece collection is another shoe design we didn’t see coming — The Fabric Slip-On Mule. In a muted stone colorway, the mule was designed for circularity, as both the outsole and inner webbing system are engineered to be easily deconstructed at the end of their life cycle. The footwear manufacturer asks consumers to return the product once it’s no longer in use, in order to salvage and repurpose the remaining parts for additional value.

Courtesy of Hypebeast

Together, the two brands are honing in on environmentally responsible constructions. As a way to educate consumers on sustainable practices and materials, each boot in the line will feature a text-block reading, “These boots are made in part using responsibly grown rubber, abaca plant fiber and organically grown cotton.”

Courtesy of Hypebeast

Whereas with the mule, the explanation is a bit modified stating, “These shoes are made in part using responsibly grown rubber, abaca plant fiber and organically grown cotton. They are designed for circularity.”

All in all, wearing the best boots during harsh weather conditions is a must for men. And these brighter styles of Timberland’s renowned boots are made to get you through the wintertime.

As a part of the brand’s mission to support grassroots NGOs around the world fighting for our forests, PANGAIA is donating a portion of the proceeds from this collaboration to the Tomorrow Tree Fund.

The new PANGAIA x Timberland collaboration will be available November 3 for purchase on Pangaia’s website, Timberland’s website and in select Timberland stores.