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Pocket Square Holders Are a Clever Solution for Pocket Squares That Don’t Stay in Place

Between folds, peaks and puffs, there’s basically no limit to how a pocket square can be worn. Simultaneously playful and sophisticated, sporting a pocket square is one of the few ways to have fun with a suit while still appearing professional.

Despite how many ways there are to wear a pocket square, it’s still possible to go awry. Whereas ties are held in place by a collar, its own knot and sometimes a clip, there’s no similar support structure for a pocket square. Or so you might think. A lot can happen to a pocket square between the time you put in your pocket and when you take it out. If it slides down in the pocket, for example, it’ll end up looking like you stuffed your suit jacket with used tissues and forgot about them. That will instantly undo the hard work of perfectly folding a pocket square.

Pocket square holders are the simple solution. They prevent bunching up in the inside of the jacket while keeping the shape of the folds on the outside. Simply insert your pocket square into the holder, and slip it into your pocket. It’ll stay hidden while allowing you to show off the perfect amount of fabric.

Some pocket square holders have slots, allowing you to slide the fabric through the holes and into place. Others are more like pocket protectors — they’re sleeves that keep the fabric flat and tidy. We’ve picked out some of the best pocket square holders of both kinds.

1. Best Pocket Square Holder

Calling your brand “The Best Pocket Square Holder” is a bold move, but their namesake product is good enough to deserve the title. It has hinged sides that open up, allowing you to insert the pocket square in your preferred shape. It securely holds the fabric throughout the day. Made in the USA, the Best Pocket Square Holder is made from synthetic material.

Pros: Featured on Shark Tank, has a popping hinged mechanism for easy insertion.

Cons: Exposed hinges can get caught on the suit’s fabric.

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2. DanDiao Men’s Pocket Square Holders

This listing features a three-pack and 10-pack of holders, so you can slot them into all of your suit pockets and forget about them until you need them. The holder is a flat piece of plastic with three wide holes for slipping the pocket square through. A benefit of this kind of holder is that it’s very thin, so it won’t be bulky in a breast pocket.

Pros: Comes in a set of three and sports a thin construction, so it won’t add bulk.

Cons: May not be as secure as sleeve-style pocket holders.

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3. TheDapperTie – Men’s Solid Flat Double Toned Pre Folded Pocket Square on Card

If you’re new to the world of pocket squares, TheDapperTie has developed a great gateway accessory with their Men’s Solid Flat Double Toned Pre Folded Pocket Square on Card. The holder and pocket square combo is attached to give users a convenient way to wear pocket squares without having to master a difficult folding technique. This combo accessory is ideal for users with mobility issues or anyone who wants a simple and quick way to add flair to their suit or tux.

Pros: TheDapperTie sells their holder and pocket square combo in 24 color options. Great for children.

Cons: This is not a traditional pocket square holder and won’t work with other pocket squares.

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4. Star Heaven Pocket Squares Holder

Look sharp with any pocket square thanks to the Star Heaven Pocket Squares Holder. This set of five holders is ideal for those who wear pocket squares daily or for large groups, like wedding parties. The holder measures 4.8” long and is only 0.04” thick for a holder that is discrete and lightweight. The tapered design means the Star Heaven can fit in most suit pockets.

Pros: Thanks to the three openings, the Star Heaven holders are suitable for large pocket squares that require all three sections and smaller pieces of material that only require one or two openings.

Cons: Users will likely need to practice using the Star Heaven before getting their ideal shape and fit.

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5. ONLVAN Pocket Square Holder

Keep pocket squares in place with a holder that is built to last. The ONLVAN Pocket Square Holder is made from PU leather for a durable accessory. Springs at either end of the holder can be pinched to open and released for a firm hold that will ensure your pocket squares remain in place all day. The ONLVAN’s high-end design means users won’t be embarrassed if the holder peeks out of their suit pocket.

Pros: The Onlvan expands to 2.5” to provide a large opening to place the pocket square inside.

Cons: The Onlvan may be too narrow for some suit pockets.

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