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Honestly, I Never Thought About Protecting My Phone Signal Until I Saw This $10 Case

* Handy pouch blocks radio waves and has enough room to store your cash
* Protect your phone from prying eyes easily and securely
* Anti-radiation technology helps block your phone’s radio waves

Sure, having your phone record of your every move may make it easier to use Google Maps, but are you really okay with a device broadcasting your exact location? With this multifunction cell phone anti-tracking pouch, you can block out radio waves, secure your phone from hackers and even store your cash and credit cards.

This pouch features anti-radiation, anti-signal and anti-degaussing functionality to help keep your phone waves safe from harm. It’s also a cheap and easy solution to help keep your phone safe from prying eyes who may want access to your personal information. 

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With the phone’s anti-radiation feature, you’ll help prevent your device from emitting cell phone radiation, while the anti-signal technology allows you to instantly turn off your phone’s tracking feature and avoid calls. Lastly, the anti-degaussing functionality helps to keep your credit cards and cash safe without having to worry about the eventual magnetic strip wear that happens over time.

This anti-spying pouch also moonlights as a wallet, so you can have it on-hand all day. As an added benefit, this phone actually helps you easily screen calls without upsetting or offending anyone. In fact, by placing your phone in the back pocket, all calls will automatically be reverted as your signal will be blocked.


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