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Meet Ray-Ban Stories: The First Pair of Smart Glasses You’ll Actually Want to Wear

If you’re the type to stay on top of tech news, you’ll more than likely know that smart glasses never really gained traction the way the world thought they would. While some might say that’s because there’s no need for smart glasses, others will disagree completely, saying THE pair of smart glasses simply haven’t been created yet.

Well, we’ve got some news for you. Now, they have.

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Courtesy of Ray-Ban

Meet Ray-Ban Stories: the world’s first pair of smart glasses to merge style and everyday wearability while connecting you to the online world at the same time. These dapper-looking glasses will help you stay present in your real life the same way the best sunglasses do, all while keeping family, friends and strangers online feel closer than they ever have.

In a partnership with Facebook, Ray-Ban Stories will allow wearers to share, capture and listen in a way they’ve never been able to before. They’re complete with 5MP cameras on the right and left side of each lens to capture high-quality photos hands-free whenever you’d like. With photos comes posting, so don’t worry, you can edit and share as soon as you snap.

Using the arms of the glasses, wearers will be able to control music, answer phone calls and record video with a simple tap, making them not only a pair of glasses, but a pair of the best wireless headphones.

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Courtesy of Ray-Ban

Glasses are available for purchase with clear and sun options. Clear glasses are designed to filter UV rays and blue light to keep your retinas safe, while sunglasses also use the latest innovations in lens technology for users. All lenses can be purchased with your prescription, too.

Each pair of glasses charge right in their case, similar to how you would your AirPods Pro, so charging on the go is as effortless as keeping them in their case.

Sounds great, right? But how about what they look like when on?

Visually speaking, these smart glasses are the first of their kind to actually look good. They’re in no way ugly, they’re not overtly bulky and they’re not gimmicky in the slightest. What more could you want?

You can snag these glasses right now starting at just $299. Given what they are, this is an absolute steal. How will you tell your story with Ray-Bans Stories?


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