Review: Grovemade’s Brass Pen Is Worth Every PENny

grovemade brass pen review

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Before we begin, let’s get something out of the way: this is a review of an $80 pen. If you feel that no pen is worth more than a few dollars, stick with Bic and close this webpage. This review is not for you.

For everyone else, welcome. It’s nice to see you. Grovemade was kind enough to send me their Brass Pen to review and review it I did. Read on our for my thoughts on this gorgeous writing utensil.


What We Liked About the Brass Pen:

Honestly, everything. For starters, it’s beautiful to behold. The machined sides of the brass shine from all angles, making for an aesthetically pleasing piece of deskware. But it’s not just about looks with this pen — far from it. Every part of this pen, from the twistable cap to the point, was made with intention. Thanks to those expertly machined sides, the pen sits comfortably in the hand, feeling something like the sturdier version of your grade school number 2 pencil. It even looks the part, with the tip featuring that familiar waving pattern as if it were just sharpened only moments ago.

And if you thought that design choice was made for funsies, you’d be wrong. The idea was to create something comfortable to use, but also something that wouldn’t roll away once set down. What’s more, despite the heft (a solid piece of brass weighing nearly 2 ounces), the weight never becomes overwhelming, even after pages and pages of writing. In a way, the weight helps keep the tip planted on the page, allowing for a smoother glide when penning your next novel.

grovemade brass pen review Grovemade

The cap at the opposite end twists easily to reveal or hide the ballpoint ink tip, giving you an addicting way to while away your days at your desk. And speaking of desks, you’ll notice there is no clip to this pen. While it bugged me at first, I’ve since grown to appreciate the design choice. This pen was made to sit at a desk (especially if you pick up the optional stand). And with that in mind, the weight and decision to eschew the clip make sense.

While I’m on the topic of stands, it’s worth mentioning that this extra accessory is 100% worth the cost of admission. Yes, buying the set together will bring your grand total to $130 (before tax), but the pen isn’t the same without it. The stand comes in either a walnut or maple finish, with a brass casing (at least, in the brass version of the pen) and truly acts as an anchor, itself weighing in at nearly 9 ounces. This allows the pen to sit in a few different ways on your desk, but it really brings home the idea of a desk pen. This is something to sign contracts with, as well as jot down silly notes with. And with that stand holding down its spot on your desk, you’ll never be without your new go-to writing utensil whenever inspiration strikes.

grovemade brass pen review Grovemade

All this talk of shining brass sidewalls and walnut finishes is great, but it doesn’t mean much if the thing doesn’t write well, right? Well, I’m pleased to inform you it writes incredibly well. While there is something to be said about an ornamental pen, I appreciate a genuinely utilitarian object. And this pen is that and then some. This pen is a joy to use between the Schmidt P8126 rollerball cartridge and the physical shape described above. It feels strange to gush over what is really just a ballpoint pen, but here we are.


What We Didn’t Like About the Brass Pen:

Can I say nothing? I’m going to say nothing. For what this pen is, it’s perfect. Grovemade set to work to create an ideal pen, and they did just that. If $80 (or $130 for the stand/pen set) is too steep, I get it. If you’re looking for something to help you write down any old idea or shopping list, please see Amazon’s assorted offerings. But if you appreciate a well-made widget, especially one that is sturdy, durable, handsome and dependable, you’ll appreciate this pen. The thought and care for its design are apparent the moment you pick it up, reveal the ink tip and write your name across a blank page. And for something that can theoretically last a lifetime, is $130 really that much?

grovemade brass pen review Grovemade


Verdict: A Worthwhile ExPENditure

Looking for a gift? Looking for a way to class up your desk? Looking for a nice pen you can take care of and write with for years to come? Grovemade’s Brass pen checks all of those boxes and more. You can get the pen in Brass, Titanium or a black aluminum, but I’d strongly recommend the Brass. The golden color makes it a unique fixture on your desk and will automatically demand attention from anyone who walks into your study.

Grovemade Brass Pen

grovemade brass pen review Grovemade


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