Swedish Brand Stutterheim Releases Capsule Collection of Sexy, Indestructible Travel Bags

stutterheim waterproof bags 2020
Courtesy of Stutterheim

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Swedish-based Stutterheim took the basic raincoat and made it into something you looked forward to wearing. Now, they’ve remade the lowly duffel (and other travel bags) into waterproof eye candy that’s as sexy looking as it is sturdy.

Once you’ve seen the entire collection, you’ll be itching to take long walks in the rain.

stutterheim rain duffel bag Courtesy of Stutterheim
stutterheim travel bags Courtesy of Stutterheim

Sutterheim’s new bags have been created with the same exactitude as their world-famous raincoats. Each sleekly designed piece is made with waterproof fabrics and zippers. Looking at the seams, you’ll notice that they are flush against the fabric. That means that it’s virtually impossible for rain or snow to leak in and destroy whatever is stored inside.

stutterheim rain duffel Courtesy of Stutterheim

The idea for the capsule collection had been bubbling in creative director and founder Alexander Stutterheim’s head for a while.

“As someone who is often on the road between the city and the summer house, meetings, design workshops, and conferences, I’m regularly required to drag around far too much stuff for someone who appreciates simplicity and minimalism,” Stutterheim said in a recent press release. “With this in mind I’ve spent the last 18 months designing and testing a range of bags which fulfil all my specific requirements; being understated, well made, waterproof, and black. Whether people like them or not, I think I’ve at least fulfilled my own design brief.”

Priced between $115 to $140, these Scandinavian-styled bags will last for years. Made from a sturdy PVC and polyester blend, each bag has a small reflective logo on the stress points. The Stutterheim Rain Messenger is a 10L bag that has a shoulder and hand straps, two outer zippered compartments and is roomy inside. Next up is the slightly larger Stutterheim Rain Packer, a 20L ovoid-shaped backpack with waterproof padded straps, one large zippered compartment on the front of the bag and a small zippered compartment on the other side. Off on a long trip? Grab the aforementioned Stutterheim Rain Duffel. It has a 50L capacity, shoulder and hand straps and an outer zippered compartment.

These waterproof bags are also super easy to clean. Use a damp cloth and gently wipe away stains and dirt. Each of Stutterheim’s new products are created in small batches, not via a giant assembly line. It’s nice to know that each item is painstakingly created with care and attention to each and every detail.  If a style does run out, expect anywhere between four to six weeks for the company’s seamstresses to create more of that item.

stutterheim rain messenger bag Courtesy of Stutterheim
stutterheim rain packer backpack Courtesy of Stuterheim
stutterheim rolltop backpack Courtesy of Stutterheim
stutterheim rain duffel bag Courtesy of Stutterheim

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