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Stoner Culture Gets a Makeover With These High-End Cannabis Brands

Over the last few years, cannabis has slowly emerged from underground subcultures and into the mainstream. By 2025, the U.S. is projected to break over $40 billion in legal sales. This plant is finally shedding its stigma and being understood for what it really is: a holistic means of self-care that can be enjoyed recreationally while potentially offering a ton of impressive medical benefits.

With pot becoming less taboo all over the world thanks to the growing trend of legalization, smoking accessories are no longer limited to stereotypes like cheap plastic pipes and kitschy Grateful Dead bongs. Instead, they’ve matured with a seriously sleek upgrade. After all — drinkers have endless accessories to explore, from elegant decanters and bar carts to modernized stirrers and shakers, why shouldn’t smokers?

Now that weed is having its moment, it’s finally shedding the poor quality and aesthetic of antiquated head shops.

Instead, brands like Terra, Sackville and Co and Seth Rogen’s Houseplant are leading the way in upscale smokeware with a focus on premium quality. This paraphernalia isn’t meant to be hidden away in your stash box — instead, it looks designer enough to double as a form of home decor that you can proudly put on display.

We’re talking fruit-shaped vessels, abstract ashtrays and other accent pieces made from clean-looking, expensive materials that are built to last, like borosilicate glass, porcelain and wood accents.

Premium stoner accessories like these aren’t just making our smoking rituals more stylish, they’re allowing us to spark conversations about cannabis and help us normalize it as an acceptable vice. With legalization, society is finally learning that cannabis lovers are more than couch potato clichés, and come from all walks of life.

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Outside of smoking accessories, this new and sophisticated take on marijuana can be seen in new club-based businesses within legal states. Will Breakell, CEO of cannabis accessory brand Blazy Susan, says, “We’ve noticed a rise in consumption-focused spaces, and with that, ‘consumption furniture’ — think weed and dab bars, tables, carts, etc. As legalization sweeps the world and the stigma surrounding cannabis is lessened, consumption is being celebrated in the mainstream more and more. Soon enough, you’ll be able to go to a consumption lounge in every city, just like you would a normal bar.”

We’re already seeing this in places like Massachusetts with the Summit Lounge, a private supper club for a cannasseur that allows members to experience fine dining with weed-infused cocktails. These private and high-end supper clubs are also popping up in states like Oregon and California, which is home to the Cannabis Supper Club, a safe space to experience cannabis pairings with food and fine wines.

While cannabis accessory brands are enlightening people and changing close-minded attitudes, they still have their challenges when it comes to marketing cannabis and navigating all the territory that comes with it.

Serge Christov of organic growery Honest Marijuana explains, “It’s never difficult to figure out the process if you sell milk, cookies, or pencils. These products have been around for a long time, so there is more predictability in the business structure and the challenges they face. For cannabis, the key will be federal legalization.”

Although we have a long ways to go in terms of federal legalization, this therapeutic plant has given way to a whole new class of canna-accessories to express yourselves with — here are some of our favorite premium stoner accessories.


1. Sackville & Co Pillar Grinder

This vertically impressive grinder by Sackville & Co has an impressive herb capacity and aesthetic thanks to its uniquely deep bowl. Whether you’re placing it on the mantle or the coffee table, this three-tiered pillar grinder is the ultimate blend of function and design, seamlessly fitting in with your decor and remaining incognito even when judgy relatives come to visit. Along with its unusually large size, this brushed gold grinder also features a magnetic enclosure.

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Courtesy of Sackville & Co


2. Summerland The Land Yacht

The Land Yacht by elegant smokeware company Summerland is one piece that you definitely won’t want to hide away in the shadows. Available in a range of dreamy, Southwestern-inspired colors (especially the terra cotta) this sculptural bong is Summerland’s largest offering and is completely ceramic. It allows you to hit bigger rips than ever while acting as a conversation piece wherever it’s placed in the open.

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Courtesy of Summerland

3. Laundry Day Milky Tanjun Pipe

Innovative shapes are the new norm for one-hitters. This staircase-shaped Tanjun pipe by Laundry Day is one of their most popular offerings, and while this pipe is offered in a transparent version, we love the surreal milky finish of this offering. Due to its unique shape, when you’re not smoking from it, it can be used to hold incense. If you’re used to traditionally shaped bowls, it may take a little time to get used to, and remember to purchase a mesh screen to avoid clogging or ash inhalation.

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Courtesy of Laundry Day

4. Yew Yew Triangle Pipe

Yew Yew’s best-selling piece is their triangle pipe, which has a creative silhouette that still feels stable in your hands and smokes beautifully. If you want to minimize resin in your smoking experience and not feel shy to show off your pipe on a countertop, look no further than the Triangle, which also features a carb hole that clears smoke. It’s available in teal, mint green, and pink. The perfect way to add a touch of colorful whimsy to your ritual.

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Courtesy of Yew Yew

5. The Pursuits of Happiness Del Mar Pipe

An upscale piece of decor on any surface, this Del Mar pipe is the fanciest sea shell you’ll ever lay eyes on. This glossy stoneware shell was cast from a real-life found seashell, and with its shiny finish, is much easier to clean than matte pieces. It’s ergonomic and sea-inspired, but far from the tacky, touristy nature of many beach-themed items. Let the waves of your toke session wash over you with this miniature piece of art.

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Courtesy of Shop Tetra

6. GRAV Rain Bubbler

Grav has made a splash in the cannabis accessory world with its extremely durable and high-quality glass. No matter how complex your existing perc’d up bong is, there’s something sexy about a clean and simple aesthetic with long lines. Plus, this one won’t collect gross gunk and resin as frequently. Grav’s Rain bubbler has a sculptural centerpiece look that will earn compliments even from non-smokers. Pro tip: adding just an inch of water allows the piece to function optimally.

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Courtesy of GRAV

Stoner Culture Gets A Makeover With These High-End Cannabis Brands