If You Are an Outdoorsman Looking for Extra Space in Your Rig, This Top Carrier Will Seal The Deal

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* Do the outdoors right with a weatherproof rooftop duffle bag
* Trick out your rig and create space for more camping gear
* This top carrier has welded seams and can be used with any vehicle

Along with our appreciation for epic camping trips during the summer season, we also value the products and hacks that maximize any outdoor experience. From these gadgets to bring on every camping excursion to solar lanterns and LED lights for illuminated evenings al fresco, we emphasize the essentials to stock up on before hitting the trails. And because of some gear takes up serious space in your vehicle, you sometimes need a little extra room for rugged treks in the PNW or through the Rocky Mountains. Rooftop racks are the most common way to expand your car’s space but not every car is equipped with the design to accommodate bulky racks, plus they can cost you a few hundred bucks or more.

This roof rack carrier alternative is the best we have found on the market. Designed to be completely weatherproof during hailstorms, a snowpocalypse, or even through the muddy trenches of the backcountry, because it is sealed with welded seams so precious tech and clothing is totally protected. Instead of plastic carriers that stay put on the roof, these rectangular duffle bags can be packed full on the ground then hoisted up to sit on the top of your vehicle. The best part is that no car is excluded from utilizing this car top carrier, so, whether you are driving a compact electric car or a Jeep Wrangler, there is a place for this set-up.

 Rightline Gear Car Top Duffle Bag Courtesy of Amazon

A single bag is 36-inches in length and 13-inches in height and holds 4.3 cubic feet of gear. If you are trekking outdoors for longer than a weekend, consider adding two duffels to the rooftop, which fit easily side-by-side depending on the size of your car. To secure the carriers on the roof, just take the attachment strips and car strap included and hook them through the top loops on the bags then inside of the car through the windows of the door frame or secure them to the roof racks if your car has those built in. The straps are adjustable as well so you can fit them tightly over the top of the car with ease. These will cost you under $100 and are the most functional and affordable alternative to rooftop racks and large bins that are much less adaptable to your changing lifestyle. From the city to the woods, these bags can be taken on and off depending on your adventure that week.

 Rightline Gear Car Top Duffle Bag Courtesy of Amazon