The Scariest Halloween Masks That’ll Even Frighten Horror Fans

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We spend a lot of time looking for the latest and greatest Halloween costumes, so if you’re searching for the scariest Halloween masks on the planet, you’ve come to the right place.

Halloween is all about the free candy for some, but others go full-in on their costume and have a blast while doing it. Here at Spy, we love truly scary Halloween costumes, but cheaply made novelty pieces can induce more laughs than screams. Personal preferences will also play a role — do you prefer a bloody look, a slasher character, or maybe something more subtly creepy? If you really want to frighten the neighborhood trick-or-treaters, then we believe shopping online for your mask will provide better quality options, as well as a wider range of products to select from.

When searching for the right spooky covering, try to search for nontoxic rubber or latex materials, which will be safer and more comfortable to wear on your facial skin. Many of these masks can be enhanced by a matching or coordinating costume, but we tried to select premium, low-maintenance picks that have an impressive effect all on their own. Some masks are more budget-friendly than others, but when you opt for a pricier alternative, it provides a costume year after year, which will help you save money in the long run.

No matter what your October 31 itinerary is, collecting the best Halloween candy or scaring the bejeesus out of candy-collecting kids, we’ve got your back. Keep scrolling for a collection of scary Halloween masks that are sure to set you apart from the crowd.


1. Hophen Biochemical Alien Zombie Scary Halloween Mask


This high-quality latex mask has horrifying realistic mouth details and elf-inspired ears that are giving off Golum from Lord of the Ring vibes. The eye cutouts are comfortable to wear, while the mask is made from non-toxic materials that even allergy-prone folks will find suitable. For the low price, you won’t find a better quality scary Halloween mask. If your everyday alien or zombie mask isn’t horrifying enough for your taste, this is a sure bet that will drop jaws on the street.

Hophen Biochemical Alien Zombie Scary Halloween Mask Courtes of Amazon

Hophen Biochemical Alien Zombie Scary Halloween Mask


2. HOMELEX Scary Michael Myers Mask


There’s nothing more classic than a Michaels Myers mask, and while it’s certainly a popular choice year after year, we don’t think it will ever get played out. This one has hair detailing, along with eye and nose holes that promote breathability. It also takes the guesswork out of your outfit – even with a simple all=black ensemble, this mask is sure to creep people out. If you hate people asking what you are for Halloween, invest in this instantly recognizable mask.

HOMELEX Michael Myers Mask, scary halloween masks Courtesy of Amazon

HOMELEX Michael Myers Mask


3. Molezu Creepy Momo Mask


Not too long ago, the internet was overtaken by an urban legend called the Momo Challenge. Not unlike Slender Man, Momo would target young people through social media, asking them to complete bizarre and dangerous tasks. This mask is the face of Momo, and it’s nothing short of scream-inducing. If you’re looking to frighten people with an added twist, the mask has an LED light-up feature, so you can surprise people when they least expect it. One buyer says, “Overall, an absolute gem. We will be reusing this mask for the Halloweens and pranks to come!”

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Molezu Creepy Momo Mask, scary halloween masks Courtesy of Amazon

Molezu Creepy Momo Mask


4. HARBORII Clown Mask


Anyone with a natural fear of clowns will turn right around when they see this menace rounding a corner. This real-life version of Pennywise has it all, from the realistic hair to those creepy front teeth. Buyers appreciate the attention to detail but recommend investing in some cheap hair gel or spray, which will hold the hair in place and avoid excessive shedding. A matching clown suit or some read balloons would definitely up the ante on this mask, but even on its own, it’ll give onlookers some serious goosebumps.

There are a lot of scary clown masks for sale, but Rubie’s, one of the top purveyors of Halloween costumes, has one of the only official Pennywise masks, which is why we recommend this product over the alternatives you might find.

Rubie's Pennywise the Clown Mask Courtesy of Amazon

Rubie's Pennywise the Clown Mask


5. Xiao Chou Ri Ji Scary Bloody Pig Halloween Mask


Looking to freak out some trick or treaters? There are endless dog and wolf get-ups that people wear for Halloween, but somehow, the bloody pig haunts us every time and provides an inevitable jump scare. It’s the perfect blend of creepy but not “overtly evil”. When it comes to quality, one reviewer says, “The material is sufficiently thick to not feel flimsy or cheap but it’s not heavy on your head either. The paint is applied well and this entire mask is very well made!

Xiao Chou Ri Ji Scary Bloody Pig Halloween Mask Courtesy of Amazon

6. Ghoulish Productions Infected Adult Mask


Although those virus and pandemic movies hit a little close to home at this point, we’ll never get sick of these plague-inspired masks. this one walks the line between zombie and  plague-infected human, complete with popping red veins, soulless black eyes, and a vivid blood-covered mouth – teeth and all. This one is made of heavy latex and has a long neck section for better continuity, so you can tuck it into shirt tops. For added gore, buy some coagulated blood mix to match.

Ghoulish Productions Infected Adult Mask Courtesy of Amazon

Ghoulish Productions Infected Adult Mask


7. NitemareFX Demon Nun Valak Mask


Movies have given us horror story anti-heroes for decades and given way to some great Halloween masks. While some of these masks are unmemorable fads, there are certain ones that stand the test of time, like this demon nurse-nun otherwise known as Valak from The Conjuring. While options on budget websites get the job done, none are more realistic than this Etsy version – no elaborate makeup required. One happy customer says, “I was blown away by the quality, attention to detail, craftsmanship, and resemblance to Valak.”

NitemareFX Demon Nun Valak Mask Courtesy of Etsy

NitemareFX Demon Nun Valak Mask


8. Mario Old Nana Latex Mask with Head Scarf


Scary old ladies are a staple in plenty of horror movies – Gretel & Hansel, anyone? Scare off all the neighborhood kids with this ultimate bad granny latex mask, complete with a headscarf and cigarette. The details on the wrinkles (and that frightening scowl). Some people mention that the eyes and nose holes could be a bit more spacious, but you can always cut a bit of extra space to fix that. Consider pairing it with a hunchback costume, or at least a cane that you can wave at the neighborhood kids.

Mario Old Nana Latex Mask with Head Scarf Courtesy of Amazon

Mario Old Nana Latex Mask with Head Scarf


9. Bourne Effective Grin Demon Latex Half-Mask


This terrifyingly realistic mask will give chills to the most seasoned horror aficionados. It’s worth noting that the eye holes are tinier than they are on most scary Halloween masks, so limited vision should be expected. Each mask is custom-made to order, and while it costs a bit more than your average mask, you can customize color variants by asking the seller. it can be worn multiple years in a row due to its unique nature, and nothing else we’ve seen can recreate that peeled-off skin look that’s equal parts fascinating and fear-inducing.

Bourne Effective Grin Demon Latex Half-Mask, scary halloween masks Courtesy of Etsy

Bourne Effective Grin Demon Latex Half-Mask


10. Keeljoyplay Creepy Halloween 2-Pack Smiling Demon


Nothing provides a better scare than a wide-mouth, tooth-baring smile, kind of like the one The Joker is famous for. This is an affordable take on it, complete with soul-sucking eyes. We wouldn’t want to run into someone wearing this sinister grin at nighttime. This hair-raising disguise even comes with an extra mask, if you want to run around terrorizing the streets with a friend or family member. All you need is a hoodie or regular outfit to don this versatile look.

Keeljoyplay Creepy Halloween 2-Pack Smiling Demon, scary halloween masks Courtesy of Amazon

Keeljoyplay Creepy Halloween 2-Pack Smiling Demon


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