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As Seen On Shark Tank: Turn Any Dumbbell Into A Kettlebell With The Kettle Gryp

Another day, another innovative product created to help simplify our lifestyles. While a lot of these new products seem to pop up out of the blue, many of the most innovative products have been pitched right on Shark Tank for the world to see. From BusyBox to Blanket Sweatshirt, Shark Tank has introduced us to some pretty awesome products, many of which have made daily tasks easier to manage.

One of the more recent Shark Tank products to enter the SPY radar is the Kettle Gryp. This convenient workout accessory effortlessly turns any dumbbell into a kettlebell by adding a handle that allows you to swing it to perform kettlebell exercises. The Kettle Gryp effortlessly holds up to 55 pounds and has a unique reinforced grip that allows you to use a dumbbell to get the overall strength and wide range of motion exercises that you would with a kettlebell.

What are the overall benefits, you ask? For starters, the Kettle Gryp can help you save space by allowing you to repurpose your dumbbells into kettlebells, ultimately giving you more space in your home gym. For the ultimate hack, instead of multiple dumbbells, purchase an adjustable dumbbell like the BowFlex SelectTech 552, and you’ll have an easy, dual-use exercise setup that only requires two pieces of equipment.

Secondly, since the Kettle Gryp will only run you about $35, it’ll instantly save you money, eliminating the need to buy both a set of kettlebells and a set of dumbbells to complete your desired workouts.

When first pitched by founders Daniel “Dan” Sheppard and Andrew “Andy” Thomas (who sadly passed away before the episode aired) on Season 13 of Shark Tank, the Kettle Gryp was met with rave reviews from the sharks who got to try Kettle Gryp for themselves. The group was ultimately impressed by how great the Kettle Gryp felt compared to actual kettlebells.

Per Shark Tank Recap, at the time of the episode’s airing the business had already amassed $3.6 million in lifetime sales and $600,000 in year-to-date sales and was looking for an investor to help it reach big box retailers. Their wishes were granted with Lori Greiner investing $300,000 for 15% equity, bringing Kettle Gryp to the mainstream as one of our favorite inventions from the NBC reality series.

Check out more details on the Kettle Gryp below.



Designed with a patented secure latching closure, the Kettle Gryp turns any dumbbell into a kettlebell in seconds. All you have to do is open the hinged handle, place your dumbbell inside and snap it closed. It’s made with a durable ABS plastic molded handle for an excellent grip that fits neatly in your hands. The Kettle Gryp is lightweight and portable, weighing less than one pound, so you can easily carry it into your gym bag or suitcase for travel if desired.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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Courtesy of Amazon


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