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These Silicone Wedding Rings Are a Convenient Alternative to Traditional (And Pricier) Gold Bands

Whether going to the gym, hitting the trails or just doing the dishes at home, it can feel more comfortable and practical to remove your irreplaceable wedding ring and replace it with something that’s both more durable and less valuable — silicone wedding bands. Sure, simply taking off your wedding band protects your often sizable investment from potential damage, but taking it off your finger also increases the chances of misplacing it or enduring the nightmare of losing it forever. It’s these complicated problems that have many men turning to the best silicone wedding rings for an attractive and more practical alternative to the traditional wedding band.

Silicone wedding rings for men first became popular with athletes, and they allow you to wear a wedding band in active situations when traditional rings just get in the way. Although these rings don’t have a shiny metallic finish like a traditional wedding band, they are available in multiple colors and in a range of different styles to match almost every personality and preference out there. In fact, popular brands like Enso now offer silicone wedding bands that more closely resemble precious metals like silver or gold.

You might be wondering whether a silicone wedding ring is a worthwhile investment, and we think there are a few great reasons to buy one:

  • Lightweight – Once proudly in place, you’re unlikely to notice your silicone ring is even there. It’ll catch your eye every now and then as a reminder of the best day of your life, but other than that, it won’t add any weight. 
  • Replaceable – Keys, phone, wedding ring? If you’re prone to misplacing your valuables, a silicone ring is a wise idea. You don’t need costly insurance or your rainy-day fund to buy a new one, and the sentiment of the silicone ring is consistent, even if the physical product is a replacement version of its predecessor. 
  • Hygienic – Silicone rings are generally made from medical-grade materials which make them extremely hygienic. They’re ideal for doctors, chefs, athletes and those in the armed forces, too. Their hypoallergenic quality makes them the wedding ring of choice for those who suffer from metal-related allergies as well. You’ll often find silicone rings have engraved patterns on the inside and curved interior surfaces. This is to improve airflow between the accessory and your skin, reducing sweat production, making them a great option for your gym workouts
  • Budget-friendly – Although it’s the bride’s ring that usually takes the majority of the jewelry fund, a traditional gold wedding band for men almost always costs more than a silicone ring. They’re a small investment for a huge commitment. 
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An Enso silicone wedding ring that resembles a traditional gold band. Courtesy of Enso Rings

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Whether you’re planning to wear your silicone wedding ring as a full-time replacement, as a part-time gym companion or stored in the drawer as backup, these men’s rings are a practical accessory for married men. 

Where Are the Best Places To Buy Silicone Wedding Rings Online?

In our search for the best silicone wedding bands, we found a number of great options online. Some popular silicone wedding ring brands, such as Enso and Groovelife, have products for sale on their own online stores as well as via retailers such as Amazon. Unsurprisingly, there is a huge selection of these popular wedding bands on Amazon, which is where we recommend you start your search. Finally, if you prefer supporting small businesses and crafters, you can find some good options on Etsy as well.

We’ve selected the best silicone wedding rings for men available online, the majority of which feature a home-sizing guide in the description. With three simple tools (a piece of paper, a pen and a ruler), you can measure your finger and order the correct size for a more comfortable and hygienic ring.


1. QALO Men’s Step Edge Q2X Silicone Wedding Ring


Why It’s the Best: QALO silicone wedding bands come at just the right price, and guys can choose from the style and color that best suits them. Most importantly, they’re designed to stay on your finger and not get in the way while you’re working with your hands or exercising.

Made of durable silicone, Qalo’s silicone wedding ring is temperature, gasoline and oil resistant, making it a great option for someone who works with their hands. The ring pictured below features a unique chevron design, but QALO has other styles available as well. Wide and pliable, it comes in a 9mm with a 2mm thickness in sizes 8-12.

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Courtesy of Amazon


2. Enso Silicone Wedding Rings


Enso is one of the most well-known brands in this product category, and the company makes silicone wedding rings for men and women. On Amazon, you can buy a variety of Enso silicone wedding bands in colors like white and black, but if you head to the Enso online store, you can also find silicone rings that mimic the appearance of precious metals like silver (these rings do contain a small amount of metal). No matter which style you choose, these rings are durable, stylish and super practical.

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Courtesy of Amazon

3. ThunderFit Men’s Step Edge Silicone Rings


ThunderFit is one of the best silicone wedding ring brands for men, and their Step Edge Silicone Rings are a top seller on Amazon. In the middle of the ring’s exterior is a slightly elevated strip sandwiched between two lower and thinner side strips to create the step-edge style. This ring set includes a range of eight dark tones, including grey, black and navy blue. They all measure 10 millimeters wide and 2.5 millimeters thick. If you’re worried about ordering the wrong size, don’t be. ThunderFit promises to send you a complimentary replacement pack with a better-suited size, hassle-free.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Groove Life Silicone Men’s Wedding Rings


Groove Plus Life takes silicone wedding rings for men seriously, as they have crafted a line of wedding bands with quality and style. The Zeus Step ring pictured below even comes with a 94-year warranty, and that’s how tough and long-lasting these rings are. The inside of Groove Life rings are engraved with a patented pattern of shapes and letters to spell out ‘groove’, and this added touch provides improved airflow to keep your finger cool. The rings are available in sizes eight to 14 and come in a ton of different colors.

These rings are available at Amazon or the Groove Life online store, and while they’re definitely more expensive than some other options, they’re still extremely affordable for a wedding band.

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Courtesy of Groove Life


5. Forthee Silicone Wedding Bands for Men


Forthee Silicone Rings are available in packs of one, four or seven and are a budget-friendly investment at under one dollar per ring for the largest pack. You can choose from a wide range of sizes to suit your fingers, from size seven to size 14. Each ring measures 8 millimeters wide and 2.5 millimeters thick. Plus, they all feature a breathable tire-like design on the interior to allow for good airflow and reduce the moisture present. If you just want to try out silicone wedding bands, then this is a good starter option.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Caveman Bands Engraved Silicone Wedding Bands


If you and your missus (or mister) are both looking for silicone wedding rings, then head to Etsy to order these custom engraved silicone wedding bands. This seller has thousands of positive reviews from happy customers, and the his and hers rings can be engraved with a word or name of your choosing.

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Courtesy of Etsy


7. ROQ Silicone Wedding Rings


Whether your wedding ring is made from gold, platinum or silicone, it should look and feel special. The middle indent running around the ROC Silicone Wedding Ring for Men makes it a unique silicone ring, ideal for wearing as a permanent wedding band. The best part of this four-pack is that they act as a backup plan. If one goes missing, grab another and get on with your day. We’re sure the same couldn’t be said for a much more costly, and heavy, metal ring.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Dookeh Men’s Silicone Rings


The curvy grooves engraved into the interior walls of Dookeh Mens Silicone Rings make these silicone wedding rings comfortable to wear in nearly any environment. They’re available in sizes seven to 13 and in a range of colors inspired by traditional metallic rings. There’s also one with an alternative camo print option. Dookeh uses steel molds to create their rings which ensures a premium quality product that will withstand the test of time.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Groove Plus Life Mossy Oak Camo Silicone Rings


Groove Plus Life does traditional silicone rings well, but they also do more alternative designs, too. Their Mossy Oak Camo Silicone Ring features all the benefits of the brand’s standard design, but it is printed with a unique pattern of natural tones that go unnoticed in the great outdoors. This is a ring you can wear in place of a wedding band without standing out.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


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