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Keep Your Smartwatch Fresh With These Quick Change Watchbands

Smartwatch bands give you the freedom to switch out and change up the look of your watch whenever you please, to accessorize and match your wardrobe, or to fit all your different workouts (you’ll want a waterproof band for swimming, for example).

We found some great watchbands that work with all types of watches: ultra-soft silicone ones from Barton that are compatible with any traditional or smart watch, stainless steel and resin two-tone bands that work with all versions of the Apple watch, and a matte metal version custom-designed specifically for Samsung smart watches.

These bands are easy to swap out in seconds without the need for tools and come in a variety of colors and finishes to fit any mood. The stainless steel versions even allow you to adjust the size of the band according to your wrist circumference with an included link removal tool.

These smartwatch bands make it easy to personalize your device and to make them more stylish, practical and durable for your everyday activities.

1. Barton Silicone Watch Bands

Barton’s Watch Bands are designed to be easily switched in and out in a few seconds and without the use of any tools. With these watchbands, you can buy multiple colors to swap up throughout the week to accessorize your wardrobe or throughout the day to fit the activity as they are integrated with quick-release spring bars that allow you to swap straps in seconds. The silicone material is comfortable for working out.

PROS: Barton’s bands are compatible with most watch brands.

CONS: The silicone material might irritate those with more sensitive skin types.

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2. Wearlizer Watch Band

The Wearlizer Watch Band is ideal for the Apple iWatch and is compatible with Series 1-4. This watch is made from premium stainless steel combined with top quality resin which gives a unique look and feel to your watch. Available in 15+ color options, this band comes with an adapter making it easy to replace and switch out along with a removal tool to conveniently adjust to fit your wrist as needed.

PROS: The color-blocking on the band will make your Apple Watch look more professional and works for a variety of occasions.

CONS: Can lose color.

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3. V-Moro Gear S3 Stainless Steel Watch Band

The V-Moro Watch Band has been custom designed for all your Samsung Smartwatches and most 22mm size watches in general. It is made from top quality stainless steel with a matte metal surface and is easy to install and remove with its quick release spring pins, no tools needed. It also comes in four great color options that can easily be mixed and matched.

PROS: Easily adjust the size of your watchband to your wrist with an included link removal tool.

CONS: There is no half size link adjustment to help customize the size even further.

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