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Use These $8 Sneaker Shields to Prevent Your Shoes From Creasing

* Keep your sneakers fresh
* Inserts that prevent creasing and sagging in the toe
* Maintain grail-worthy sneakers or extend the life of go-to kicks

Sneakers are no longer weekend beater shoes – they’re coveted investments that need upkeep and care. But sneakers don’t age like dress shoes or boots and they need more than the occasional wipe-down to stay fresh.

One of the main concerns for sneaker-lovers is creasing in the toes. Unlike stains, toe creasing is truly unavoidable, but we just found a clever product that keeps the toes of your treasured kicks crease-free. They’re called sneaker shields, and they’re essentially a toe insert that maintains the original structure of the shoe.

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The sneaker shields feature a versatile design that slides into the toe of your shoes, and can be trimmed to fit any sneaker. The surface above the toe features air holes for breathability and soft grips that make sure the shield stays in the shoe. When you order the sneaker shields you get two pairs: one softer pair and one more firm pair. This lets you pick the hardness that’s most comfortable for your feet and your shoes.

The two-pack of sneaker shields costs $16, which pans out to be a very worthwhile investment. They’re ideal for expensive, grail-worthy sneakers like Jordans or Yeezys that you might sell someday, but they’re also good for extending the life of your go-to everyday sneakers.