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The STAPLE X Fossil Limited Edition Watch Collection Is Here — And It’s a Work of Art

When the STAPLE X Fossil collection was unveiled at STAPLE Day back in June, it looked like the trio of watches had jetted in from the future. This is the perfect amalgam of Fossil’s two popular watches from the ‘90s: Sundial and Hologram. That’s hologram face transmutes, how cool is that. It’s so a Hot Watch Summer. And people were counting down the days until this special watch collection was available for sale. Now you can buy any of the three watches — or all of them — on the Fossil site.

“For the STAPLE X Fossil watches, we blended the heritage of both brands to create something new that’s perfect for collectors,“ Jeff Staple says in a press release. The watches come in an egg-shaped case and go for $280.00. In addition to the watches, two watch straps are also available for a limited time. These black 22mm interchangeable rPet straps have either the STAPLE logo in white or a pigeon logo in a repeating pattern. There are also three STAPLE X Fossil digital dials for the GEN G smartwatches, each with the pigeon logo. (The pigeon is a nod to Staple’s menswear line Staple Pigeon.)



The sundial design has a pigeon silhouette cutout in the pointy piece of the sundial, called the gnomon. That cutout can cast a shadow on the sundial but, if you flip it open, you’ll see a hologram of a pigeon in flight that transitions into the pigeon logo superimposed over the STAPLE Marking.



staple x fossil watch

The watches have automatic movement, a stainless steel 44mm case and a terrazzo stone-inspired silicone body and straps. Made with ground silicone, the three colors — pink, light gray and dark gray — were inspired by a combination of excavated dirt and the dirt and debris that are ground into the urban landscape.  The watch box is an egg-shaped tin, in keeping with the excavation theme.

Staple’s real name is Jeff Ng. The founder of the Reed Art Department, a creative consulting company, his men’s streetwear company, Staple Pigeon, started by accident. During an interview for the podcast “Unwordy— Don’t Talk. Do,” he explained that he walked into a store wearing a silkscreened shirt of his design. The store manager asked him where he got the shirt, and Staple walked out with an order.

The STAPLE X Fossil watches can be found online at Fossil, STAPLE and Hypebeast.


The STAPLE X Fossil Watch



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